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Babies and No Babies...

On Wednesday one of my best friends had a little girl.  Her name is Gabriella and she is adorable.  9 lbs. 14 ozs, vaginal delivery with no drugs of any sort (other some Vicadin after she was born : P  )  This is pretty awesome, since some people think that big babies require c-sections, and I would say almost 10 pounds is a pretty good sized baby.  YAY Melissa!
Yesterday my baby sister (Noelle-who is 15 and not really a baby at all), my friend (Brittany) and I went to meet the new baby.  We took the little girl I baby-sit (Hadlee-who is 13 months) with us.  Now Noelle is the baby of the family and as such has not really had much experience with diapers.  But she changed all of the diapers while she stayed with me as I thought that she could use the practice.  She had gotten the baby up from her nap and changed her poopy diaper without any help from me at all.  I was there, and offered to help but she wanted to do it herself.

We went to KFC/Taco Bell for lunch (because we love burritos…

What I Got For Christmas!

This seems like a rather materialistic entry/list, but really its a way of showing gratitude for the things that people got me.  And I pretty much made out like a bandit this Christmas. 

-3 seasons of The Girls Next Door (with more to come when they are done being on back-order)
-A Mary-Kate and Ashley package (3 seasons of Full House, a Mary Kate and Ashley Hawaiian party movie, Passport to Paris, How the West Was Fun, and When in Rome) These were from my mum, who started out just getting the Full House seasons, but kept finding more stuff to add on to it.  I am a loser so I think its awesome!
-Gift Cards Galore!  $25 to Joann's, $25 to Borders, $25 to Old Navy, $15 to Hancock Fabrics, plus Michael and I got a $25 Olive Garden card, $25 Regal card, and 2 movie tickets.  I also $25 in cash.  I want to go shopping!!!
-Somewhere In Time - My sister remembered how I always watched that movie.
-Ramona and Beezus - My baby sister and I had been planning on having a movie night when my…

Merry Christmas!!!

I am quite late on my Christmas post.  But I thought it would be pretty lame if I actually blogged on Christmas.  -tangent- I don't want to say "blogged" or "skyped" or "facebooking" anymore.  These are not real verbs and should not be treated as such.
I had a wonderful Christmas.  I missed being with my family, but since they live far away and are all in pieces now anyways, its easier anyways.  Plus since Michael works retail we can't get time off around Christmas anyways.  It wasn't exactly what I was hoping for, seeing as how I make plans for things without talking to other people about them, but it was nice anyways.
On Christmas morning you would think I was 5 years old again.  I got up at 8 am.  After going to bed around 2 or so.  I couldn't wait to open my presents.  Unfortunately my dear husband does not get nearly as excited about things as I do, so I laid in bed playing games on my phone for an hour and a half.  Finally I decided th…

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

3%.  That is a chance that I will get a white Christmas in my area of the state.  And thats just 1 inch of snow.  Pretty sure that 5+ inches is a 0% chance.  This makes me sad, because I would LOVE a white Christmas, and I don't want to have to go to Vermont to get it.  I am not explaining this, if you don't understand, its not my fault.  Go watch some classic Christmas movies and get back to me.

I am all done with buying and wrapping my Christmas presents, my house is decorated, my tree is decorated (although how rarely Michael is watering it is a cause for concern).  I baked cookies and gingerbread, but still have fudge to make, because last time it didn't set.  I need to put the Christmas boxes back in storage, then I will post pictures of my lovely Christmasy home.  I also need to clean before pictures, because I have been lazy lately.

One thing that makes me sad is that I don't have TV.  Most of the time I don't care, but I LOVE Christmas specials.  ABC Family…

Waiting For Auntie (TMI)

So I was supposed to start my period LAST Monday.  That was the 6th.  It is now the 15th and no sign of it.  Thats NINE days late.  Last Tuesday I took a pregnancy test, and only got one horrid little line (which is what I was expecting).

That is not to much information.  This is though:
On Saturday I started to spot.  Oh, here it is.  I ALWAYS spot for like 3 days before my period, which is really obnoxious.  So I figured, oh well on Monday I guess I'll start bleeding.  Except on Monday I STOPPED bleeding entirely, and it hasn't came back at all.  WTF?!?!?!

So tomorrow I am going to test again, because something is wrong with me.  Its called impatience.  I won't believe it if it tells me I am pregnant.  Its a digital test, and I have read that they are the only tests that give false positives.  So far I can't even get a FALSE positive.  But whatever.


I am steadily getting fat (I also played CandyLand for two hours today).  I am not there yet, but I am certainly not going to be called skinny anytime soon, unless its by an obese person, who probably would consider me to be skinny.  But the skinny people wouldn't call me one of them anymore.  Which is sad.  I never really thought I was pretty, just average, but what I really had going for me was being skinny with big boobs.  Now I just have big boobs, which isn't nearly as uncommon.

 I'm not overweight, and if I could guarantee I wouldn't gain anymore weight, I probably wouldn't care.  I have gained about 10 pounds in the last 3 years.  Not that much, only 3.33 pounds a year.  Alright, lets times that by 21... I am of course using the calculator to do this... 69.93 pounds.  116 + 70 = 186.  At 45 I will not be considered in a healthy weight range.  I also won't be able to look at myself naked.  Not that I like to do that even when I do like how I look with clo…

Patience Is NOT My Thing...


I am a little impatient.  I mean, I can wait for things, like I have crappy everything because I would prefer not to spend money on things I don't NEED. 

But I was suppossed to start my period today, and as of last check, Aunt Flo is not here yet. 

I have two pregnancy tests sitting in a drawer.  I have not been late in FOREVER.  Well thats not true, but the times I have been late I have been keeping track of my temperature so I know that although my cycle is longer than usual, I also ovulated late.

So mathematically speaking:

After 3+ years, I am pretty sure that I am not getting pregnant without medical intervention, but I still keep hoping and wasting money cause I am silly like that.