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Learning About Exotic Birds with Mother Goose Time

We did it.  We were a week late, but we finished our Birds & Eggs curriculum.  Yes, the art projects were skipped, but a lot of learning and a lot of fun were had.  For the next unit, we will just make sure we do a bunch of the art projects to make up for it!

Our last week was all about Exotic Birds.  I think this was Little Guy's favorite week, just because he knows the names of most of them.  We didn't do the Birdwatcher day at the end, although I might let him make the binoculars another day, because he made a pair last winter during "Going on Safari" and promptly broke them.  Which he still talks about.  That and his rhino horn that he took to my mother-in-law's house and left there.


Bird Egg, Big Egg was fun.  We talked about how big an ostrich is, as well as how big their eggs can get.  Mother Goose Time provided us with a photo of an ostrich egg, and we compared other items in the room (a really weird assortment of items including our pocket c…

Learning About Tree Birds with Mother Goose Time

I know it is May now, and we SHOULD be moving onto Bugs & Crawly Things (EWWWW...), but we are still doing catch-up for Birds & Eggs.  
Today we went even more against the grain, and we did a Mother Goose Time marathon after dinner.  We learned A LOT about Tree Birds yesterday, and I was amazed at seeing some of the things Little Guy has caught onto recently!
Our first activity was Word House, which was a phonological awareness activity.  Little Guy knows all of his letter sounds, but struggles with putting them together to actually read.  This time we were focusing on the -it family of words.  
We had a bird house, a lot of letter cards, and a card with a blank space and -it on it.  Imagine my surprise when Little Guy first drew an "s", stuck it on the blank space, and said "S it.  Sit."  He continued to read all of the words correctly, without any assistance!   We also did Bird Patterns, which was our pattern card for the month.  It was an ABC pa…