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A Really Rambly Post on Parenting

From infancy children are given immense freedom, but without any responsibility (obviously one can't really expect a 6 month old to be responsible).  To keep from having to "stifle" their curiosity, we baby proof the whole house (we is a general term, and is not actually referring to everyone, and not even me most of the time), put up things they can't touch and allow them to roam the house.  Even though we did all this baby-proofing, they still can't be trusted to move freely around the house, because they are not capable of making ANY reasonable decision, or of obeying almost any commands.  So we follow them.  All day long we follow them around the house.  They are our whole day, and not in a fun way.  In a stressful, "oh look its 5 o'clock and the house is a mess and I have no idea what to do about dinner" sort of way.  
We also let them pick and choose what and when they eat (breastfeeding on demand with small infants is healthy and necessary t…

You Know Its Time For a Change When...

When one of the following conversations takes place, you know that it is time to change up your life a little bit:

Mom of the House:  Okay, time to get dressed! Pre-schooler:  Where are we going?
Mom of the House:  Sorry guys, I don't have time for that, I need to clean the house. Pre-schooler:  Who is coming over?
Both of these happened today, I think I need to make a new schedule ASAP!!!!

Mama's Priorities -OR- How I Will Probably Win the Worst Mother of the Year Award, But I Don't Even Care

Yesterday's post was pretty much a downer, but that is who I am right now, a downer.  But I think I have found a way to make my life easier to cope with.  No, I am not going to start drinking first thing in the morning LOL.  I am going to live my life with PRIORITIES!

I have always had a mental list of priorities for my someday family, but somehow lost track of them in all the mess of going from zero to three kids in less than a year.  My priorities list probably won't sit well with some of my readers (actually I deleted my Facebook, so who knows if anyone will even read this...?) because it is decidedly NOT child-centered.  I have always wanted children, and I have always wanted to be a "fun mom", but have NEVER wanted to be my children's friends.  I have done A LOT of internet reading on old fashioned parenting and have decided that the best way to train "my" children correctly is to demonstrate to them how to be an adult, not cater to their every whi…

Rachel Sucks At Life

I have not blogged for a little while because I am sucking at life.  When I just had Miss Baby this parenting thing was a piece of cake.  My life didn't really change at all, except there was a sweet little girl added to it.  When Little Guy got to our home in October things got a lot harder.  He is a great baby (if you ignore the high pitched screech thing he does when he gets mad, or the biting he has been doing lately) and on his own isn't any trouble at all.  I don't know if it was "sibling" rivalry or just an age thing, but as soon as Little Guy joined our "family" Miss Baby started acting up a lot more.  At this point my life changed a little.  It was less pleasant than before, I yelled more than I would like to (Miss Baby is smart and would always decide to do things she isn't supposed to when I was in the middle of a bottle or diaper change with the baby), and I felt a little more stuck at home.  I had no problem having Miss Baby tag along w…