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Rachel Does Math or How F-ing Expensive Houses Are These Days

So according to my math (which, in interest of full disclosure, could be faulty) housing costs have gone up like CRAZY in the last 46 years! 

My Source Of Information

I know what you are thinking.  You are thinking "Well of course they have, its called inflation you idiot.  We also get paid more now."  This is of course true.  But this is where the math came in. 

In 1964 the average house cost 217% of the average annual income.
In 1986 the average house cost 399% of the average annual income.
In 2009 the average house cost 590% of the average annual income.

Seeing as how I would like to be a home owner someday, I feel like this is horrible news.  If I were already a home owner this would be awesome though!  Except I would have probably done something stupid like refinance it to pay for a vacation or something and lose all the equity I built in it.  Plus I would have had to buy a house the year my mother was born to have gotten the best deal, which unless I can find a tricked ou…

Why You Should Not Let Doctors Shove Giants Needles In Your Spine

So my last few blogs have really been pointless.  I mean its my blog so I can write what I want, but considering I would like at least a few people to read it, maybe I shouldn't just always talk about myself and random crap that crosses my mind.  Not that that is bad, I mean I like to read people's random thoughts, but most people are more interesting than me. 

So I am going to bore you all with a new topic!

As most of you are aware if you have read my other posts, or ever had a conversation with me, I have been fruitlessly trying to have a baby for about 3 years now.  Given all this time I have been wanting a baby and failing to get one, I have gotten ALOT of reading done on the subject.  I am something of a self-proclaimed expert actually.  I am VERY opinionated on this topic and therefore in general conversation its best that I avoid the topic entirely because I have the potential to piss people off.  I don't think you have to do things my way, but I can't understand…

Awkward! or How Amazingly Inept Rachel Can Be

Unless I spelled that wrong, awkward is a really awkward looking word actually...  I just used the spell-checker and I spelled it right. 

I, in general am an awkward person.  Don't worry I am going to pull up a thesaurus and find an nice synonym for the word so I can stop repeating it.
When I eat, I am incredibly clumsy.  I ALWAYS seem to end up wearing something that I was eating, either that or the floor ends up wearing part of my meal/snack. 
Watching me dance would be hilarious as "two left feet" doesn't even begin to describe me.  I'm always trying to do dance workouts, because they look more fun than the average cardio exercise.  They probably are more fun, but I am always a step behind and waving my arms around like an idiot.  Hopefully Michael never leaves me so I need to get a job as a stripper, because not only do I avoid being naked whenever possible, but my act would involve going on stage, taking off my clothes, covering my dirty bits and running cryi…

Four Years

On August 17th Michael and I had been together for four years.  Thats as long as High School.  Except unlike High School I didn't skip a quarter of that time.  Plus I like being married WAY more than High School. 

In case you had not already figured it out, I'm a little bit of a weirdo.  For some reason it gives me great joy that Michael and I am have been married longer than pretty much anyone we know.  Sometimes this is ridiculous, such as my sister, who is quite alot younger than me, and therefore could not have been married as long as me, and she got married almost a year younger than me.  Or like a couple I know that has been married less time than me, but was together for like nine years before they got married.  Michael and I were only together for like nine months. 

Four years reminds me of The First Four Years by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  I love Little House books.  I want to buy a set of them, preferably hard cover so my potential children can read them over and over …

Rachel Is A Big Nerd

The following link is responsible for this post.  Were it not for these awesome cakes I would have sought inspiration elsewhere.

So a small part of me might be a nerdy teenage boy from the 1970's.  Eric Foreman from That 70's Show comes to mind. 

Thats right I admit it: I am a Star Wars nerd.  I blame my brother, which is a little ridiculous considering he is quite a bit younger than me.  Well not entirely.  Its my mother's fault too.  When I was little I had a movie about Ewoks and a little girl named Cindel (which I am always trying to convince Michael to let me name our daughter.  I'm sure one day she will thank him, that is if we ever manage to conceive this hypothetical daughter).  I don't actually remember it to well, but I know I liked it.   I'm pretty sure it scared the crap out of me, but I still watched it.  My mother must have thought (as I would to, due to my love for gender stereotyping) …

Why Am I "Unstressed"?

On Saturday I moved out of my mother-in-laws house.  After 3 years and 8 months it seemed like the right time.  I would venture to say we wore out our welcome about 3 years and 2 months ago.

Money is going to be ridiculously tight.  Like can we buy that gallon of milk tight. 

Usually money (or lack thereof) stresses me out like crazy.  But I just don't care now.  I am so happy to have my own place that I guess eating dinner isn't important. 

We are going to get a room mate (which sucks) and sell our car (which only halfway sucks) so then money will be fine.  I guess thats why I am not worried?  Because their is light at the end of the tunnel?  Or maybe its because things just seem to fall into place and turn out okay most of the time.  Like we needed a dining room table and then Michael's mom got a new one and gave us her old one.  Actually pretty much all of our furniture has been aquired that way.

I'm hoping this lack of stress helps me get knocked up without the h…

A Rant On Diet and Exercise

Let me start out by acknowledging my lack of application of the knowledge I am going to share.

Everyone always says if you want to lose weight you have to exercise.  Let us take a moment and do some math (don't worry I am doing it for you, who wants to do math?).

We are going to have a delicious snack, well we are going to pretend we are anyways.  First I am going to give you 13 Puffy Cheetos.  You are probably thirsty, so I'm going to be nice and buy you a fountain drink (32 ounces), and its going to be Dr. Pepper.  Plus, I'm sure you want some chocolate, so I am going to buy you some Junior Mints too.  Just a regular size box, not the king size or anything.  How many calories do you think that is?  780!  There are 780 calories in that "snack".  And other then the soda, which you might sip on for hours (rotting your teeth... yes I am being a downer today), its pretty much gone in 10 minutes.  More than one third of your daily allowed calories (give or take) is g…