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Stupid Television

I love TV.  It is kind of an addiction of mine (along with my smartphone and bubbly drinks - soda, not champagne)...

One thing I notice is that all the comedy shows that I like (or sort of like) have one character that I wish would just go away.  Usually this character is a fan favorite, and does almost nothing but make dirty jokes and do completely inappropriate things for his (yes it is always a male) own gains.  The other thing that these people do is rarely interact with the other characters on a meaningful level, the show could most definitely go on without them and you wouldn't even notice.  Sometimes they might have the majority of screen time in some episodes, but they do nothing to pull along the main story line.  I feel like these characters ruin shows, and wish there were more shows without this guy.

Here is a list of some of the "people" I am talking about:

Russell from Rules of Engagement
Roger from American Dad
Stewie from Family Guy
Barney from How I Met …

Why My Regular Blogging Stopped

So I did really, really well at blogging on a regular basis for about 2 months.  After that it honestly became overwhelming.  I have mad respect for all the "mommy bloggers" out there that manage to post on a regular basis.  Even though I don't have any kids, I do have kids in my house starting at 7:30 am, M-F. 

So for the month or two that I was blogging furiously, I wasn't able to spend breakfast with the kids.  I would make them food, stick the baby in his exersaucer and come sit at the computer and link-up like mad.  I just didn't have the time for it, if I wanted to do the best baby-sitting job I could do.  I had time to write the posts, but just writing posts doesn't get views.  You have to get the posts out there for people to read.  I have the time to do that too, but not at the times when it is effective.

The kids nap at around 2 pm everyday, which gives me plenty of time to "link-up" in the afternoon.  Unfortunately I noticed that when I d…

Random Awesome Books - Flashback Friday

Originally titled Today I Am Thankful for Books.  Any additions to the original post are in pink :)

I love books.

I have 3 bookshelves full of them, in my tiny little apartment. My husband is not impressed with this, or with my habit of picking up more whenever I have the money. I ALWAYS get them used, so its not a huge financial investment, just a space investment. 
Some books entertain, some books educate, and some really good books do both.
Although I am mad at Amazon, due to the publishing of a disgusting book, I am going to untilize the little widget thing and list some of the highlights of my living room bookshelf.

Sorry for the craptastic layout... I can't make it work today.  Still can't make the layout look the way I want it too.  I am destined to have a messy blog.

Car Rides and Childbirth - Flashback Friday

No additions today, because I didn't write it...

After wasting a good part of my afternoon reading the entries on, this analogy came up. I love it alot and wanted to share it with all six of my followers.

I did NOT write this, a lady named Robyn did, and said anyone was welcome to it:

"There has been quite a bit of comparison between childbirth and car accidents. Thinking about this analogy really shows you the two different forms of thinking. The natural childbirth advocates see the childbirth process as a car ride. They take safe driving precautions (such as proper diet, exercise, and taking their prenatal vitamins). Most have their seat belt (midwife in the event of minor complications) and air bag (hospital transfer in the event of major complications) in place in the event of getting into an accident (birth crisis).

Modern obstetrics, however, views the childbirth process as a wreck in progress. They make every attempt they possibly can to save women …

The Least Romantic Romance - Flashback Friday

Additions to the original post are in pink :)

Originally titled Today I Am Thankful For Totalled Cars

This is actually all about my husband, who I might not have ever married if it were not for a totaled car :)

Like I said in the new title, our love story isn't very romantic.  Michael was friends with my roommate's brother, and they came over to visit with her.  Basically I met my husband when my friend and I came into my house and some guy I didn't know was sitting on my couch.  He kept coming over to hang out, and we ended up hanging out by ourselves a lot.  Super romantic.  Anyways, back to the original story.

I didn't really date much before I got married, I wasn't a serial dater like most high schoolers, I was more of the obsessed with one guy that doesn't really have any interest in me type.

Even my husband and I didn't date very much. Mostly we were friends that made out alot for a while (I'm only a tiny bit of a whore, not really a whore I prom…

Rachel Does Math - Flashback Fridays

Additions to the original post are made in pink :)

So according to my math (which, in interest of full disclosure, could be faulty) housing costs have gone up like CRAZY in the last 46 years!

My Source Of Information

I know what you are thinking. You are thinking "Well of course they have, its called inflation you idiot. We also get paid more now." This is of course true. But this is where the math came in.

In 1964 the average house cost 217% of the average annual income.
In 1986 the average house cost 399% of the average annual income.
In 2009 the average house cost 590% of the average annual income.

Seeing as how I would like to be a home owner someday, I feel like this is horrible news. If I were already a home owner this would be awesome though! Except I would have probably done something stupid like refinance it to pay for a vacation or something and lose all the equity I built in it. Plus I would have had to buy a house the year my mother was born to have gotten…