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Learning About Crawdads with Mother Goose Time

Surprisingly, despite me allowing Little Guy to pick what we learn about most days this month, it took us until nearly the end of March to get to Crawfish day (crawfish will be referred to crawdads for the rest of this post).  My son loves The Andy Griffith Show, and as I shared in my What's In The Box posts for At the Pond, Andy and Opie sing a song in a couple episodes called The Crawdad Song.  If you were a fly on the wall at our house, you would hear Little Guy and I singing The Crawdad Song many, many times a day.  Since you are not a fly on the wall, I recorded Little Guy singing it.  Not me though, because that is to embarrassing.

We also sang a song provided by Mother Goose Time called "Be a Crawfish" set to the tune of If You're Happy and You Know It.
Our first activity of the day was called Crawdads and Ducks.  I realized soon after starting that I would need some rocks (who reads the Teacher Guide before starting for the day. Oh, every one but me... oops), …

Ponds, Ponds, Ponds - Mother Goose Time

This month we have been At the Pond with Mother Goose Time.  We have also taken a couple trips to the real pond, although the weather has been fighting us on that!

Little Guy has also gotten a chance to make a few ponds of his own.  He LOVES each time he gets to make another kind of pond, in a different way. 
The first pond he made was on Duck day.  We talked about where ducks live, and then he made a home for them.  I was supposed to get him nature supplies, but I didn't so it was a quick art project.  Also, I cut a terrible circle out of the cellophane.  Somehow I lost Little Guy's scissors, so I have been doing most of the cutting lately.

He glued the water in the pond, then used a round paintbrush/stamp and added lily pads (emergent water plants).  For the pièce de résistance he added a yellow pom-pom to be the duck.

On Floating Pond Plant day he made another pond.  This time I sent him outside to get grass to put in his pond.  Actually I told him he could get whatever he…

Messy Fun At the Pond with Mother Goose Time

I don't want to jinx it or anything, but Little Guy and I are on track to finish our At the Pond preschool curriculum from Mother Goose Time AHEAD of schedule!  We have been having a lot of fun, and doing quite a bit of messy, sensory fun this month.

Once again we have been jumping around, which is really difficult for me, because THEY PUT THE LESSONS IN ORDER FOR A REASON!!!, but seems to be working really well. 

One day we learned about Bog Plants, which mostly meant learning about cattails. 

Every month we get a puzzle, which Little Guy is getting pretty good at.  We put the puzzle pieces in Play Doh so they stood up like bog plants, then "picked" them and put the puzzle together.  I don't know if I have extra sticky Play Doh or what, but I had to wipe a LOT of it off each puzzle piece.
Along with all the other things in our Mother Goose Time curriculum box, there are always manipulatives, this month we got a magnifying glass and duck counters.  Little Guy's…

A Hopping Good Time - Mother Goose Time

Every month another theme with Mother Goose Time Preschool Curriculum!  As you know (if you read my blog on a semi-regular basis) this month we are learning all about things we find At the Pond.  I have to say, in the last 2-4 weeks, Little Guy has improved in his drawing immensely, FINALLY making representative drawings on a regular basis.  Before he had only done that a few times, but lately he is doing great! 

I have been doing a lot better at something too!  Doing the explore parts of the activities.  Often times I skip right to the create or play parts, ignoring the free play introduction most of them have.  Little Guy loves them most of the time, so I am happy to be more on top of that!

Today we learned all about tadpoles and frogs.  This was supposed to be two separate days, but we did both because we are that cool.  Or that behind, either way.

Apparently I was really slacking on the picture taking, because we did six activities and I only have three pictures, one of which I l… Review UPDATE

This post was originally posted on August 31, 2013.  Although I didn't intend this post to be dishonest, I have since learned that this corset is very, very low quality. is no longer in business, so I have gotten rid of all the links.  Additions to the original post are in pink.

Sometimes I do silly things.  Like apply for a product review of a corset.  I really wanted a corset, and didn't think about the fact that it doesn't really fit with the theme of my blog.  At this point, I don't think my blog has a theme.  Other than "life"...  But I wanted it to go under the vintage dresses I might someday make, so I guess it is a little relevant (yeah grasping at straws LOL).  It will definitely happen again, because any chance to get awesome products for free is definitely my cup of tea (or Dr. Pepper, since I hate tea).