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Ingredients of Godly Discipline

*This post is a review of a product I received free of charge in exchange for a review.  The opinions in the post are all my own and not influenced by the fact that I received it free*

Doorposts is an awesome company that has MANY different products to help you train your children.  This is their newest product, and is designed to help you guide your children to Jesus while they are being disciplined.

Honestly I have not used this as much as I was hoping to.  While it is an amazing resource, it is also rather time intensive to follow all of the steps.  As I am hoping to really work on my discipline skills (I yell a little to much and I am not as consistent as I know I should be), I am going to be referencing this chart every chance I get for the next month.  At that point I will give a results oriented review, for now its just a product review.

This chart is sized to keep in your Bible, which is where mine has been since I got it.  Unfortunately, along with having a messy house and inc…

Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract Cleanse Detox - Review

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I received this product free to review from the seller via Tomoson. All opinions in this review are my own and not influenced by the fact that the product was free.

My plan was to keep a daily journal type thing to discuss how well this worked, but since I didn't really notice any changes I didn't have much to say.

I have never taken anything that is a cleanse or detox product. I didn't really know what to expect, but I expected something. Although there were no negative side effects, there didn't seem to be any positive effects either. Some of this could have been "user error" as you are supposed to take it twice a day, 30 minutes before meals, and I only took it once a day most days (because I would forget until I was eating...).


Slowly Going Mad... Or My House Is SO Messy and Noisy I Don't Know What To Do!

*I realize that this post is very poorly written.  I also want to say that while this post is very negative, I do realize how very, very blessed I am.  These are definitely "first world problems".  I am thankful for my husband, my son, my foster daughters, my house, and my overwhelming abundance of material possessions.  I am just having a hard time keeping up with the house, and adjusting to having older children.  Most people grow into having a 10 year old, they don't just get one randomly.  I don't know what to expect, I don't know what to require, and I don't really know how to entertain them without them making huge messes, which I cannot handle at this point in my life, or sticking them in front of a screen a lot, which I refuse to do.*

I am NOT a neat person.  But I don't worry to much about it (other than trying to never have people over so I can pretend I am a good housekeeper) because inevitably, when it is time for the items to be cleaned up, I…

Who Is That Baby, and WHY Does He Have My Blanket?"

I have quite a few baby pictures of Little Guy, and yesterday he and I were looking at them together.  He did NOT believe me that the little baby in the picture was him, much like he refuses to believe that the pictures of me as a baby or little girl are actually "Mama".

In one of the pictures he had not one, but two blankets that he still has and uses.

He was dumbfounded as to why "That baby share my blankets."  Now it sounds like perhaps he was being sweet and thinking it was nice to share with the baby, but from his tone of voice, and the expression on his face, it was apparent that sharing his blankets with some baby was not a good idea.

Sharing is hard.  It seems especially hard when you are very small and seem to think that anything you have touched, is most certainly yours.

I took both the little ones (Little Guy is 2 and Z is 3) outside yesterday, and brought them both a "bicycle" (tricycle) to ride.  They rode around quite nicely at first, wit…

There Is Nothing New Under the Sun.

I have a tendency towards dwelling on things I cannot change.  I often fear that the times we live in are overwhelmingly terrifying.  
But I recently purchased two books (okay, who am I kidding, it was a book sale where you get a whole bag of books for $5, I got a ton of books, but for this post we will focus on two of them): The Obedient Child by Ken Wilson and May I Borrow Your Husband and Baby? by Cathy Guisewite.   The Obedient Child is a parenting book.  I recommend it to those who choose to spank and advise you avoid it if you don't choose to spank.  It was published in 1988. May I Borrow Your Husband and Baby? is a comic book (Cathy from the newspaper comics).  This one was also published in 1988.
In The Obedient Child the author writes about things I am worrying about 27 years later!  To many bad influences on television is the one that stood out.  He actually said "Many of us grew up on cartoons and consider them one of the "safe" programming options for ou…


Providence is the foreseeing care and guidance of God over the creatures of the earth.

When we bought our house 3 years ago, it was amazing that we got it.  I don't know if I have went into the details of it before, but it was crazy.  First of all, it was an insanely huge house, but still in our price range.  All the other houses we could afford were about half the size on half the property.  We put an offer in, but didn't hear back for forever because it was a short sale.  Another couple had made an offer so we had to just hope that ours was best.  Since there was another offer on the table, our realtor suggested that we up our offer to whatever we felt we could afford and willing to spend.
We raised our offer by about $10,000 if I remember correctly.  And then we waited.  We kept looking at houses and even tried to by another one, but it had WAY to many repairs that NEEDED to be made for it to be livable, so that offer fell through.  Then we kept waiting.  I believe we waite…

New Pampers Diapers - A Quick Review

I am a member of Influenster.  They give away awesome sample packs for companies and in return I review/promote them on various platforms.  The product I am about to discuss was given to me by Influenster and Pampers free of charge!

The new diapers are designed to fight "diaper sag" and have an absurd hashtag to go along with it (I am a firm non-believer in hashtags and prefer to call it the "pound sign") # sagtoswag.  I don't like the word swag either, so this campaign is really not selling the product to me if I am being completely honest (which I usually am).

Most diapers have all the weird absorbent material in one compartment, making it so they sag quite a bit when they are wet.  The new Pampers have three chambers so the liquid is more spread out and not saggy.

What did I think about them?  Well I think its a nice idea, because saggy diapers really look gross.  And it did work, but it looked weird in a different way.  Three areas were all sagging a little…