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Our First Day of Mother Goose Time - DRUMS

I was so, so, so excited to start Mother Goose Time this month.  Little Guy knows his basics (ABCs, letter sounds, numbers to 6 - well kind of to 10, but he usually confuses them after 6 - and colors) and it is definitely time for him to get some more hands-on learning before he is old enough for book work.

It was seriously hard for me to wait.  First waiting for my kit to arrive (I feel like package tracking is such a catch-22, on the one hand its cool to know when your package will arrive, on the other hand it kind of ruins the surprise...) and then waiting for the new month to start so we could start school.  It was only a few days, but they were torture!!!

We actually started a day earlier than the calendar suggested.  We started on Monday the 29th, and will be a day ahead until the week of Christmas, at which point we will fall behind when we take the week off.  I am a little "type A" about some things, and separating themed weeks seemed like a mental challenge.  So we …

Keep Your Drink Cold, and Your Muscles Flexed! A Slap Koolers Review

At first I didn't know how to begin this post.  I was given (free of charge) a SlapKooler to review, via Tomoson.  As you will see, that in no way influenced my opinion of the product.

The purpose of the SlapKooler is to be a promotional item.  You give them out free or cheap to spread the word about your company/event/cause.  The item itself is a combination drink insulator/slap bracelet.

Unfortunately, there is a big problem with this product.  It smells exactly like Les Schwab (for those of you not in the northwest, Les Schwab is a tire store that tries -and fails- to cover the scent of tires with the free popcorn they have for while you wait), which is not really that appealing when it is wrapped around your beverage.  It is of good quality for a promotional item, and really a lot more fun and useful than a pencil.

BUT, there is one use that the makers have probably never thought of.  Little Guy liked mine (it is camouflage after all) and he asked me to put it on his arm.  T…

What's In the Mother Goose Time Box? Part Four

Three bags down, 21 left to go.  No I am not kidding.  There are 24 packages to open in your first Mother Goose Time kit.  Its like Christmas morning, but a little more work because there are a TON of things to cut out.  A lot of them are punch out, but a lot of them require cutting.  But I am not going to go over every single bag so this will not take forever.

Let us start with the Celebration Kit.  I don't know if each month has a Celebration Kit or not, but because it is Christmas they sent me a Santa's Workshop Celebration Kit.  It is obviously intended more for a classroom setting, and comes with an invitation (which looks pretty sad since I only get a kit for one child LOL) and guest sign in sheet.  Maybe we will invite Grandma, and the girls will be on Christmas Break when we do this, so they can participate.  Anyways, it comes with supplies for one craft, a snack, two games, special Circle Time activities, and some ideas for your Investigation Stations, which we will p…

What's In the Mother Goose Time Box? Part Three

There is still a ton of stuff in the Mother Goose Time box that I have not told you about yet.  In fact, I have only covered Circle Time!

The next bag is the Teacher Tool Bag, and its pretty interesting.

The first thing it has is a gathering list, which tells you everything you need to provide for the month.  Honestly to look at the list it looks like this is much less "all-inclusive" than it is.  The list is LOOOONG!  Upon closer inspection you notice that the vast majority of the items are either basics like tape, glue and crayons, food items, or things you already have around the house.

There is also the theme web, which I described in the first post, a poster of all the skills the children will be working on, and on what day (this is a seriously exhaustive list!), a planning journal, a teacher guide and MANIPULATIVES!  This month I got jingle bell counters, a die, and shape builders.

The planning journal includes an overview of the month, what activities are done on whi…

What's In The Mother Goose Time Box? Part Two

Last time I gave an overview of what was in my Mother Goose Time box for December.  Today I will give more details on exactly what kinds of things are in each specific bag.  I will probably do a few of these, because I want to keep them reasonably short, and there is a TON of stuff!  Just so you know I have been messing with this curriculum a lot since I got it, and there might be a few pieces that ended up back in the wrong bags.

Like I said last time, the first bag is an introductory bag.  It has the Getting Started guide, which has an overview of how to use the curriculum and set up your circle time display, and some additional information.  You only get this bag once a year.

The Circle Time Display includes a number tree, alphabet strip (which you are supposed cut to look like grass, but I just taped it on there all lazy like), month labels for the calendar, an artist's palette for the color of the month, a friendly bee hive with a ribbon for character traits, a world map, Mot…

What's In the Mother Goose Time Box? Part One

I am so excited to share this post with you!  I am now a Blog Ambassador for Mother Goose Time*!

What is this Mother Goose Time I speak of?  It is an incredible curriculum that has been around for over 29 years!  
Why is it so awesome?  It is essentially preschool in a box.  It is designed for preschools, but used by many homeschoolers (such as myself!) as well.  It is astonishingly thorough.

I just received my first box.  I wanted so much to do an unboxing video, and I set it up and then my camera ran out of battery halfway through.  Since I do not have the patience to wait, I opened it up without recording it.  So, my pictures and description will have to suffice.
The first thing I pulled out was the Circle Time bag.  This is a one time bag for when you first start Mother Goose Time, and has a getting started guide, as well as all the stuff you need for a Circle Time display.  It includes a world map, alphabet strip, labels, month strips for your calendar, a number tree, a circle ti…

How To Make an Incredibly Easy Elegant Christmas Gift

Christmas is coming!  I am super excited about Christmas, and just realized TODAY that Christmastime starts in 2 days!

Gifts are a fun part of Christmas, but some people are easier to shop for than others!  Children always have lists a mile long, but adults tend to buy they things they want or need throughout the year.  Thanks to Pinterest, people are really into DIY projects.  Oftentimes those don't turn out exactly how you picture them though (seriously, you should check out Pinterest Fail).

I have a quick and easy solution for you!

(In the interest of full disclosure, I was given a free sample of this product in order to write this review.  However this has no impact on my opinion of the product.  I strive for honesty in all I do, even reviews!)

Melinda Wood Designs (when you subscribe you get a free artwork download!).

All of her designs are $5, and you get the JPEG file when you purchase it.  You can then print it yourself, or for a super high quality look, get it printed o…

Funny Phonics

Little Guy is pretty smart.  He picked up on all his letters really quickly, learning the first few on his own, which I of course ran with.  Once I knew he was capable of learning them, I started to work on teaching them to him.  He knows them all now, although he struggles a little with lowercase letters.

Knowing your letters is a fun "parlor trick" but doesn't really help much on the path to reading and literacy.  I have read that you should NOT teach your children their letters, but rather teach them the sounds that they make FIRST and then the letters later.  I forgot to do this, so we are working the other way.

He has a Star Wars Pre-School Workbook, (He calls it his 3PO book - C3PO is on the cover) and instead of saying capital A and lowercase a I have been saying capital aaaaa (imagine the sound not repeatedly saying "a") and lowercase aaaaa.  Since he is not slow on the uptake, it only confused him for a little bit.  He was like "This not "a&…


Everyone wants silky soft, smooth skin right?  Well maybe not everyone, but at least a good majority of women.  Today I am going to tell you about a new product that will help you get super soft skin in seconds a day!

I was able to review (free of charge) CX 35 Vitamin C Complex Plus Retinol by Michael Todd Skincare.  It is a serum, which I prefer over moisturizer. The fact that I received it free has no bearing on my opinion of the product, because that would be super lame and dishonest.

Michael Todd Skincare  seems like a pretty cool company.  They don't add water to their products, they use organic ingredients, they don't test on animals (it literally says on their about us page that they test on their chairman, so they have a sense of humor too!), don't use artificial scents or fragrances (or other nasty stuff), AND they are made right here in the USA!  
I was honestly surprised when I got this in the mail, because there is usually a back and forth regarding the produ…

Three Times I Love to Dance

- When I am playing Just Dance.  Yes its absurd, and I look like an idiot because the part of your brain that allows your arms to move opposite your legs is not fully developed in me, and I am pretty sure it never will be.  So I flail a bit.  Luckily it mostly tracks you right arm, so I can still get decent scores.

- When the music is cranked up and the kids and I are all dancing around like crazy.  I did this a lot more when the girls I baby-sat were little than I do now.  My foster daughters are to old (6,9,10) to be super amused by it, and didn't grow up doing it so they would probably laugh with me.  My son isn't big on doing what you want him to do, when you want him to do it, even if it is fun like dancing around like a maniac, so I think I would be dancing by myself.  I might try it again and see what he does, but I don't count on it being fun like it was with the girls.
- When a slow song comes on while my son and I are listening to music and I stop what I am doing…