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I Dream Of Babies

I dream a lot.  Usually my dreams make me sound like a crazy person when I tell people about them, and for all I know this one will too, but I am going to share it anyways.  Because anyone reading this blog already questions my sanity.

As far as I can remember my dream started with me trying to push out a baby.  I was at Bella Vie Gentle Birth Center and the midwife I went and talked to there (about 2 years ago at a pre-conception consultation because I really wanted to see the place.  It is really awesome!) was my midwife.  I was struggling to get the baby out, and it hurt.  So I decided I wanted a c-section.  But not because I was not willing to handle the pain (which wasn't that bad, in my dream it just felt like pressure,
 but hey I have never given birth, my brain has no frame of reference) I was SURE I was hurting the baby.

After all the baby was kicking every time I started pushing.  It was kind of creepy, because I could tell where the baby's leg and foot were, by feel…

Sunday, Bloody Sunday

Now I feel somewhere in the back of my head that "Sunday, Bloody Sunday" has a historical/political meaning, but I have no idea why I think that, and I am to lazy to Google it to find out if it is true.

I get the title from That 70's Show (season 1, episode 10 - that I was willing to look up - Red's unbearable mother comes to spend a Sunday with the family. Kitty tries to quit smoking, and Eric has a school paper due. Kelso wants to break up with Jackie, but doesn't know how to tell her. ).  But this post has nothing to do with That 70's Show or any other awesome sit-com. 

We went to Sunday School on last Sunday.  We don't really go to church because our pastor tends to repeat the same Evangelical sermon over and over again.  Which is great if you need to get saved, but for those of us that have already done that, it gets a bit monotonous.  It took us a long time to find a church that I liked (Michael is much more flexible) and we don't want to find …
Someone that I went to High School with started a Facebook group for "our" graduating class.  Our is in quotes because I didn't actually graduate, but I went most of the time right up until graduation.  I should have gone back for a "super senior" year, but seeing as how I would much rather not go to school I didn't.  So far this has had ZERO negative effects on me.

If I had not "dropped out" (again quotes because dropping out doesn't feel right, I went all 12 years, I just didn't go enough to graduate for the last 3) I probably would not be married to my wonderful husband, because I wouldn't have moved to Salem and ever met him.  So YAY for not graduating.  Also I have had quite a few jobs (all entry level to be fair) and I have NEVER been told no for a job based on my lack of diploma.  (Okay I did not get a job once, but it was a baby-sitting job, so I don't think that counts, as a diploma is completely irrelevant since I have be…

$400 Down The Toilet (TMI as usual)

Kind of literally if you think about it.

I never actually ovulated.  My temperatures never went up.  I knew that I didn't ovulate, but my husband still wanted me to go in and get the progesterone test done.  He has pretty much no faith in non-medical ways of doing things, which is quite obnoxious, so he figured the temperatures were just wrong.

So Friday July 1st I went into get my test (around $70).  Later that night we went and saw Transformers 3 (which was pretty awesome by the way) and got home late around like 1 or 2 am.  I went to the bathroom and I had started my period.  Less than 24 hours after getting a test done I started bleeding.  I told my husband I had started bleeding and he didn't seem to care.  The next day I told him it was mean to not care when it all goes so horribly wrong, and he said that he had just thought that maybe it was implantation bleeding.

Of course I knew it wasn't because I never ovulated, plus unlike my usual spot for 3 days than bleed, I…