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Coming Soon :)

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Dear Schlage: I Hate You!

I am not a very smart person.  Well, actually I have been told I am intelligent, but when it comes to common sense, I am kind of lacking.
Today I walked to the store with the kids.  Miss Baby was in the stroller, and Little Guy was in the Comfy Joey ring sling.  I didn't need to go to the store, but I have a bit of a Dr. Pepper addiction habit, and I like to get out of the house, so we bundled up and went for a walk.  
Now, something about my husband is that he likes quality.  Or at least the perception of quality, so we have Schlage doorknobs, because they are "nicer" than the Kwikset.  They also SUCK.  Apparently as a "safety feature" you can open the door from the inside even when it is locked.  That way when there is a fire you can get out of the house without fumbling with the lock.  Except you still have to be able to unlock a deadbolt...
People with an insufficient amount of common sense do NOT appreciate this safety feature.  In fact some of us downrigh…

Disney Classics Box Set

Right now I am watching the girls dance around like crazy.  Not abnormal in my house, we are dancing fools, but today we are listening to a new CD.  It arrived via UPS this morning, and while at first I told Hadlee whatever it was was not for her, it turned out that it was a surprise for ALL OF US!

It was a sample CD from the new Disney Classics Box Set.  The Box Set has 95 songs, ranging from classic classics like Whistle While You Work from Snow White, modern classics (oxymoron much?) such as Be Our Guest from Beauty and the Beast, Disneyland songs like Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life for Me) from Pirates of the Caribbean and TV favorites from shows like Mickey Mouse Club, Lizzie McGuire, and Duck Tales.

Some of the songs on the sample CD were not hits at my house, mostly the Disneyland songs, but since they are a little less "dancy" and unfamiliar to a four year old that has not been to Disneyland that makes sense.  Sadly, so far the favorite has been the song from Tangled, …

Men's Gift Idea - Beard Shirts from Face Farmers

Who is the hardest person on your list to shop for?  I would guess that whoever that person is, they are a guy.

If you are looking for an affordable gift for that hard to shop for guy (that has a beard) look no further than Face Farmers - Beard and Mustache T-shirts.  Obviously these shirts are not for someone that needs a sentimental gift, or men that dress professionally, or men without facial hair, but for your mustachioed or bearded friend with a sense of humor, you probably can't get a better gift than one of these t-shirts.

There are a couple shirts on the website that are inappropriate, but the majority of them are awesome.

I was given this shirt to review.  I planned to give it to my step-dad for Christmas, but Michael saw it, and despite the fact that he only occasionally has facial hair he decided he had to have it.

The shirt is high-quality pre-shrunk cotton.  I have only washed it once so far (Michael recently shaved so he can't wear it LOL), but the shirt and th…

Stainless Steel Earth Pan Review

I love blogging.  Not only do I get to share my life with complete strangers (which for some reason is appealing to me) but I get to try amazing products in exchange for reviewing them!

A product I received recently was a 10" Stainless Steel Earth Pan by Ozeri.

Instead of poisonous PFOA, which is great at keeping things from sticking, but not great at not poisoning people, these pans use ETERNA, which doesn't release toxins, even at high temperatures.

Good things about the pan:

Oven-safeStainless steel, even the handle.  This pan is by far the nicest of all my pans.NO STICK - I am a terrible crunchy mama and always use no-stick pans even though I know they are not super safeThey have a magnetized bottom, so you can use them on induction ovens.  Not that we have one, but given my husband's penchant for new technology, I am sure we will as soon as we pay off our dishwasher.Supposedly you can use a lower heat to cook with this pan.  But since our stove is a piece of crap, I…