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Why You Should Not Let Doctors Shove Giants Needles In Your Spine - Flashback Friday

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So my last few blogs have really been pointless. I mean its my blog so I can write what I want, but considering I would like at least a few people to read it, maybe I shouldn't just always talk about myself and random crap that crosses my mind. Not that that is bad, I mean I like to read people's random thoughts, but most people are more interesting than me.  Actually I am setting this post up to republish like 5 weeks from now, so I have no idea how boring the topics I have been discussing are... 

So I am going to bore you all with a new topic!  Or maybe interest you in a new topic?
As most of you are aware if you have read my other posts, or ever had a conversation with me, I have been fruitlessly trying to have a baby for about 3 years now. Given all this time I have been wanting a baby and failing to get one, I have gotten ALOT of reading done on the subject. I am something of a self-proclaimed expert actually. I am VERY o…

Beef Jell-o

Michael and I bought a bunch of meat last month (and by a bunch I mean like 200 lbs, or so much it won't come even close to fitting in our freezer so we have to go get it from his mom's house every week) and the butcher gave us some bones for our dog.  We boiled one and gave it to her, but the rest have been sitting in our freezer.

The first time I boiled them I did make a stock, but it ended up sitting on my counter and getting rotten, so we never used it, but I knew it was a good stock.  How did I know?  Because it was gelatinous.  Yup.  It had the consistency of Jell-o.

Yesterday I was cleaning out the freezer, because I needed room for the 4 loaves of Dave's Killer Bread that I had bought on sale at WinCo (half off!  How could I resist stocking up?).  Well, the problem with freezer food is that it doesn't go bad (or maybe that is the best thing about freezer food?) so the only way I could make myself any space was by boiling up those bones.  So I took out the stoc…

Yes, There Is Even More To Say About Diapers - Flashback Fridays

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So in the last few days I have read two potty training books (Yeah, its kinda weird, but think about what a prepared mommy I will be, plus I baby-sit so its good to know anyways) which have taught me SOOOO much more about the importance of cloth diapers, as well as the importance of early potty training!  I would like to have it known that I am a failure at potty training.  I tried with the girls, but I ended up just waiting until their moms told me that they were potty trained, or at least close.  Someday I will have my own kids and have no choice but to deal with all the mess, but for the daycare kids, I gave up. 

I'll just focus on diapers, but I will probably end up spouting off about the wonderful world of infant potty training/elimination communication/natural infant hygeine.  And by wonderful I mean difficult, but really cool if you can manange it.

People in the USA used to start potty training really early. Like two or three m…


I think that one of my first blog posts was about bookmooch, and I would like to remind everyone that the service is awesome!

You can get a free book by signing up and listing 10 books that you want to give away.  Each time that someone orders a book from you, you earn another point that gets you a free book.  

Click the link below to sign up and add me as a friend so we can easily see each other's inventory!


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Diapers - Flashback Fridays

Additions to the original post are in pink :)

A post about diapers could go in many directions.

-It could revert back to my last post about a leaky diaper that resulted in me wearing a blanket.

-It could also be about crazy astronaut stalkers who wear diapers to avoid the annoying road trip hassle of having to go to the bathroom.  Does anyone actually remember this woman?

-I could be super mean and make jokes at the expense of the poor souls who have to wear Depends and other such incontinence products.

It all seems so over done though. So I'm going to go with an equally over done topic of cloth diapers.

Why cloth? Well number one, check out the picture! How cute are these cloth diapers? Other then the new limited time only denim look Huggies with the creepy sexed up toddler ad, plastic diapers (known to cloth-diaperers as "sposies") don't even compare!  Okay, these pictures are not that cute, but that is because I am using my own pictures, of my own "stash&qu…

Recipe Reviews 2/7

I have been a slacker blogger for the last little while, and I totally missed last weeks recipe reviews, as well as this weeks meal plan (which has not been followed, we have been busy this week).  The good news is that I have a few really delicious recipes to share from last week, complete with pictures!  None of these recipes are particularly low calorie, but we generally have them with a salad, and maybe a piece of fruit, so the meal itself is usually right around 500 calories.  UGH!  No matter how hard I try I cannot get this stupid post to format correctly.  I am pretty much inept at html, so I am going to just leave it alone, because the harder I try, the more annoyed I get with my failure!

Quick Chicken Cordon Bleu for Two
Really, really yummy!  It wasn't necessarily quick, but compared to actually stuffing the chicken it was really fast. 
2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts (tender removed)
1/4 tsp pepper (divided)
1/8 tsp salt
3 tbsp Swiss cheese

January Resolution Recap

So, usually my updates are just a log of my failures.  Not this time!  Finally I am actually following through on my resolutions! 

I have not missed a single day of Bible reading, so I am about 8% through.  Okay, one day we were up until 3 am, because SOMEONE likes playing Minecraft until all hours of the night, and when we were finally in bed I realized that I had not done my reading for the day, so I technically missed a day, but I think it still counts because I had not gone to sleep before I read it.

I have been doing REALLY good on exercising.  I played Just Dance everyday in January, ranging from 12 minutes to 50 minutes, depending on my level of laziness.  I also go for a short walk with the kids most days (when they are not sick, which they have been the last week or two).  Soda drinking has been going so-so.  I kind of traded one bubbly chemical concoction for another...  So no more Dr. Pepper, except about 16 oz over the weekend, but I have replaced it with Cascade Ice, whi…

3D Movies... The Coolest Things Since... 3D Movies - Flashback Friday

Additions to the original post are in pink :)

I think 3D movies are cool. I really do. But why is there such a big hoopla about them? Apparently people were smart enough in the 50's to figure out they are a fad that soon dies out. But now we are falling for it like crazy.

What is fun at Disneyland is expensive and gives you a headache all the time. Last time I went to see a movie (Shrek 4) all but ONE of the movies advertised was in 3D. That is an extra $3 per person every time someone sees a 3D movie.  This was originally published in 2010, and these are still going strong.  And the last 3D movie I saw was Wreck It Ralph (very cute by the way, I highly recommend it).

But you get a sweet pair of Buddy Holly glasses, that you can recycle or take home as a souvenir. But you can't bring them back. At least not for a discount, even though they claim the extra charge is for the glasses.

Then they make 3D TVs. I'm sure you want to pay an extra $300+ for your TV to do what a pair…