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400 Hours Outside

I recently came across the blog 1000 Hours Outside, and was inspired to try my own, but just for the months of May-September, because I can't commit to going outside all the time when it is rainy and cold.  The kids have rain gear, but I don't, making more than an hour or so out there really miserable for me.

Since I am only trying for a little less than half the year, I am aiming for a little less than half the 1000 hours.

This works out to about 4-5 hours a day a few days a week, and 2 hours a day on the other days.

My yard is not conducive to this kind of outside time, because it has no fence, and the shade is all in the front of the house, near the street.  Five hours in the sun is not really very healthy, nor is it very fun.  So on the long days, I am going to try to go to state parks, and I am REALLY HOPING to enlist some friends to go with me, because it will be so much more fun to do with other people.