Saturday, May 2, 2015

400 Hours - Time Sheet

Today we logged 2 hours and 45 minutes outside.  Which leaves us with only 397.25 more hours.  Yeah, only...

It was Little Guy's second birthday party, so two of those hours were spend at his party at the park, basically just running around, sliding, and eating some cake.  It was actually a rather uneventful event, no snags at all, YAY!  And all the presents he got were awesome, no batteries, and no licensed characters (well except for a Batmobile, but we make exceptions for Super Heroes LOL).  We even managed to remember to buy candles and bring a lighter.  This is the third birthday party I have done, and its the first time I remembered candles, so this mama is learning!  No major injuries, although Z did fall down (like off of something, not just down, they fall down like 83278432 times a day!!) and since someone picked her up and held her, instead of just checking for injuries, and then telling her she was alright and to go play, she milked it a little.  But hey, what is the point in falling off a ladder* if you don't get some sympathy right?

When we got home we filled up the sandbox we got Little Guy for his birthday, and I pulled up a lawn chair and watched them play for an hour.  I told them not to eat the sand, but Little Guy didn't listen, so he got a nice mouthful, which did not impress him.  I gave him a shower, but he still has sand in his hair.  I think I might just have gritty kids from now on, since I am hoping to get a LOT of use out of the sandbox.

*She didn't actually fall off a ladder, she slipped between rungs on a climbing/horizontalish ladder.  She was still holding on when Monica went and got her (I was holding a baby), but it scared her a lot, and probably wasn't particularly comfortable.

I know these daily(ish) logs will probably not be that fun to read, but I have been wanting to journal my days for a while now, because quite frankly I have the memory of a goldfish, and I know I will forget all the cute, sweet things my kiddos do.  The 400 hours tracking gives me an extra push towards actually writing about my days!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

400 Hours Outside

I recently came across the blog 1000 Hours Outside, and was inspired to try my own, but just for the months of May-September, because I can't commit to going outside all the time when it is rainy and cold.  The kids have rain gear, but I don't, making more than an hour or so out there really miserable for me.

Since I am only trying for a little less than half the year, I am aiming for a little less than half the 1000 hours.

This works out to about 4-5 hours a day a few days a week, and 2 hours a day on the other days.

My yard is not conducive to this kind of outside time, because it has no fence, and the shade is all in the front of the house, near the street.  Five hours in the sun is not really very healthy, nor is it very fun.  So on the long days, I am going to try to go to state parks, and I am REALLY HOPING to enlist some friends to go with me, because it will be so much more fun to do with other people.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

My Brother, A Soldier

Today my brother left for his first deployment.

When he enlisted in the Army, I was less than supportive.  I love my little brother, and don't want him in harm's way.  I did what I could to discourage him, to keep him safe.  However since he doesn't tend to take my advice, he joined up anyway.

Me and my baby brother a million years ago!

Last night I talked to him a couple hours before he had to leave to Kuwait before going on to Iraq.  While talking to him, I realized that although I think his excitement to deploy is a bit misplaced, I am proud of him.

I don't know why most people join the Army, but I believe that my brother joined because he truly wants to do his duty to protect the people he loves (and other people of course).  His choice to deploy (it was a choice because he has moderate asthma and could have chosen to be medically discharged or "non-deployable") is a reflection of his dedication to the commitment he made.

For our country to be what it is, people have to protect it, and I am proud that my little brother is brave enough to be one of those people.

Please keep him in your prayers!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Welcome to My Mess!!


Many people have a mat outside their door telling visitors that they are welcome.  How many of them really mean it?

If I am quite honest, although I do LOVE having people over, I wouldn't necessarily welcome them with open arms should they happen to show up unannounced.  I would act like I did, and I might even enjoy my time with them, but I would be wishing they hadn't shown up.


Because I am a mess.  My house is a mess, even though I do the dishes and laundry everyday, everything else kind of gets ignored much of the time.  I tend to have a number of children in my house at any given time, so my dining room floor could feed a small country on the days (weeks?) that I let sweeping go.

My TV room is a disaster.  We have a large house, but somehow have ran out of space, so all of our camping stuff, extra toys, and donation stuff is piled in our TV room.  It is hugely embarassing, but I am to easily overwhelmed by giant messes to do anything about it.

Also, I tend to be in my pajamas until around noon.  I should get up and dressed, but pajamas are so comfy and jeans just are not!

Well this is my first 5 minutes Friday and I did not plan my time well, so I guess I will end without an ending!