June 20, 2016

Animal Fun with Mother Goose Time

Summer has started around here, which means that I am not doing a super great job of keeping up.  Usually I have Little Guy and another small child.  During the summer I have Little Guy, Hadlee, our three foster daughters and usually another small child. 

This summer we bought full curriculums for the four girls.  A couple of the girls are not quite where they should be academically, and the others may as well get ahead.  The problem with this is that it takes a lot of my day to teach the little girls and correct/assist the older girls.  Add in Dollar Movies, Day Camp, Lunch at the Park, and Water Parks, and poor Little Guy isn't getting as much school time as usual.  He does ask for "My Mother Goose Time" sometimes, and I feel pretty bad when I tell him "Later" and a few days goes by.

We have managed to do some really fun activities, including some math, art, and dramatic play.

This was a math game where we "fed the birds".  I got out some rice, and we counted the grains out to feed the birds.  He did really well on a couple of them, but needed a lot of help with the higher numbers.  Plus, he has some pretty sweaty hands, so the rice was hard for him to pick up one tiny piece at a time.

On Gorilla Day he painted a gorilla mask with a comb.  He had a lot of fun, but didn't quite understand how the comb was supposed to work.

The Storytelling Set this month was great!  The storybook was a non-fiction book, so there wasn't a lot of story to remember/retell.  To make up for that they included Story Starters, and animal cubes to roll.  We picked a story starter (example: One animal was hungry.  What do they do?) and rolled the cubes, then we told the story.  He isn't crazy creative yet, but he liked to retell the stories I told.

One of Little Guy's favorite activities we have done was playing with his Safari Counters in the "sand" (cornmeal).  He has asked a couple of times if he could do it again, so I knew he would be pretty excited when it came up on Camel Day.

Lots of fun activities we have been squeezing in between all the craziness!

*We receive Mother Goose Time free of charge in exchange for sharing our pictures and experiences.  All opinions are my own!*

June 07, 2016

Bird Colors - Mother Goose Time

Most of the time when I write about Mother Goose Time I tell about the activities we do during the course of a day, or even a week.  Today, while we did quite a few activities, Bird Colors really stood out.

We were talking about what colors birds can be, and then we got out all these colored birds.  I turned them over, then Little Guy picked one out and "tweeted" the name of the color.  Then he "flew" around the room finding things that were the same color. 

In this color collage you can really tell if we are in a school or homeschoolers LOL.  The first color he drew was brown.  I loved that he wanted to put it on the picture of Michael and I, although it was up a little high so I had to help him.  Our furniture as well as a bookshelf are brown, but this was what he noticed first. 

The Mother Goose Time box served as the colors for both yellow AND white.  Books were easy targets.  My pink (decade old) purse was easy to see since I leave it on the floor all the time like a normal person.  Purple was the hardest.  He tried to put it on a pink shirt (he sometimes get pink and purple, as well as black and brown, confused), but I asked him that was purple and he said "No, pink!"

Eventually he found the diaper box, which adds a lot of class and professionalism to my color collage. 

When he was done matching all the colors I had him go find them all.  This was a super fun activity and he really enjoyed it.  He already knows his colors and found it pretty easy, but he got some reinforcement on the subject, and got to fly around like a bird.

*Little Guy and I receive our Mother Goose Time curriculum free of charge in exchange for sharing our pictures and experiences.  All opinions are my own.*

May 30, 2016

God Is All-Powerful

Each month, along with the preschool curriculum from Mother Goose Time we get the Experience God add-on pack.  It is full of games, crafts, and devotions, all designed to help small children understand God.  We don't always do everything in the guide, but we do quite a few activities, Little Guy learns the Bible verse*, and we read the story multiple times.

This month the theme was that God is all-powerful, and the story was Jesus and the Fish - because Mother Goose Time is the BEST at maintaining a cohesive theme!  I love the story cards that we get.  The pictures on the front help Little Guy remember the story, and the story on the back (with interactive prompts) helps me tell the story fluidly rather than rambling.  This month to go along with the story cards we got some story telling pieces, which was fun.  He did pretty well at accurately retelling the story without much prompting, and it was pretty cute!

*Little Guy learns the verses better than I do!  Yesterday I couldn't remember the "address" (book, chapter, verse) of one of the verses we learned a couple months ago.  So I prompted him by saying "Let..." and he finished the verse with "Let everything you say be good and helpful.  Ephesians 4:29." 

We receive Mother Goose Time and the Experience God kit free of charge in exchange for sharing our experiences with everyone.  All opinions are honest!

May 28, 2016

How to Weep in Public by Jacqueline Novak - A Review

Most things I review get positive reviews.  Some things do not.  This book is one of the "do nots".

How to Weep in Public was SUPPOSED to be a funny book about depression.  I know, I know, not politically correct to joke about, but then I am not politically correct.  Instead it was a depressing, offensive book about depression.

Funny books make me laugh.  This one didn't even make me smirk (in its defense, I only read about 1/4 of it before I gave up) so it wasn't that funny.  It wasn't my mood, because the book bored me so much that I read it over the course of like two months. 

It was offensive.  Lots of sexual jokes and disrespect for religion.  But in all honesty, offensive things often make me laugh.  These didn't, they just made me offended or uncomfortable.  I wanted to like this book.  I really like humor books, and I am not actually very easily offended.  I was very disappointed by this book, and certainly don't recommend it.

I received this book free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion.