Thursday, October 8, 2015

New Pampers Diapers - A Quick Review

I am a member of Influenster.  They give away awesome sample packs for companies and in return I review/promote them on various platforms.  The product I am about to discuss was given to me by Influenster and Pampers free of charge!

The new diapers are designed to fight "diaper sag" and have an absurd hashtag to go along with it (I am a firm non-believer in hashtags and prefer to call it the "pound sign") # sagtoswag.  I don't like the word swag either, so this campaign is really not selling the product to me if I am being completely honest (which I usually am).

Most diapers have all the weird absorbent material in one compartment, making it so they sag quite a bit when they are wet.  The new Pampers have three chambers so the liquid is more spread out and not saggy.

What did I think about them?  Well I think its a nice idea, because saggy diapers really look gross.  And it did work, but it looked weird in a different way.  Three areas were all sagging a little.

Honestly I think this was an unnecessary update, and I wouldn't pay extra for it, that is for sure.  It was perfectly useful as a diaper, and I wouldn't NOT buy it because of the new feature.

Z and Little Man modeled for me

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

8 Rules for Responsible Screen Time - For Moms

Participating in Screen Free Week has made me think about how much of my life is spent watching, rather than doing, and I am not okay with the ratio!  So I have brainstormed 8 rules that will help me (and hopefully you!) be more intentional with my time.

1. No screen time until my work is done
2. If the kids are around, screens are not
3. Keep Facebook "decluttered"
4. Don't fall for "click-bait"
5. Bingeing is bad
6. Set clear limits
7. Hold yourself accountable
8. It is okay to be bored

If you click on any of the rules if will link to a post elaborating on the thought behind the rule, as well as ideas on how to implement them.  I also am thinking I will make my first printable, so check back soon for that!

What are your screen time rules you have for yourself?  Are they different than for you kids?  What is the hardest thing about limiting screen time?

Don't Fall For Click-Bait (or Go Down the Rabbit Hole) - Screen Time Rule #4

Click-bait is all the things that are written in a way that makes you want to click them, usually going to a dumb slideshow that you get halfway through before realizing that you actually don't care about "27 things you never knew about...".

Some things are not actually click-bait, and might be perfectly interesting or insightful articles or posts.  But they still lure you down the rabbit hole of endless "internetting".

I am going to try to combat this by adding all the links that interest me to a bookmark folder, which I will title with the date.  The next time I use the computer I will open a few of them up if they still interest me.  If they don't I will delete the folder entirely.  The reality is that I DON'T need to see most of the internet, it is just time-sucking brain clutter!

I plan to have a few blogs that I check frequently (Free Range Kids1000 Hours Outside, and a couple more) and anything outside of that will be bookmarked for later, then deleted if I forget about it.

One exception to this rule is link-up parties, where you should definitely click and read, then interact right away.  That is just good blogger etiquette!

Check out all my Rules for Responsible Screen Time here.

Keep Facebook Decluttered - Screen Time Rule #3

The average person has 153 Facebook friends.  I actually pulled that number out of thin air.  I am writing this down in a notebook since it is (was) Screen Free Week, and couldn't look up the number.

Whatever the number is* I am sure it is way higher than the number of real life friends you have.  I am also pretty sure that it is higher than the number of  people you really care to get constant updates from.

Here are some things I am going to do to help streamline my Facebook feed and give me less to look at everyday.

  • Stop following things I don't care about.  Yes, I like to drink Dr. Pepper, but that doesn't mean I need to "like" Dr. Pepper.  Same goes for TV shows.  I don't need to be able to share my opinion about the last episode of "The Last Man on Earth" (I thought it was awesome), and I don't need to know what other viewers thought.
  • "Unfollow" the groups that I belong to.  I don't know about you, but seeing everything that is for sale in my town is a bit time consuming, and fairly boring.  If I want to shop, I can go to the group page. Other pages are more "advice-y" and REALLY end up being time-sucks.  I am not going to leave the group because sometimes I get good advice, but I am going to unfollow it, so I don't feel compelled to help everyone with every problem they come up with.
  • Unfriend anyone that I wouldn't be happy to run into in the grocery store.  If they are family, just unfollow them so as not to cause any hurt feelings.
  • Stop liking stuff!  When you like a public picture it often ends up in your friends' newsfeeds.  So unless you WANT your friends to see it, just like it in your head, and resist the urge to confirm it with a click.
How do you keep your Facebook feed in check?

Check out all my Rules for Responsible Screen Time here.

*The actual number is 350, with the 18-24 demographic having about 659!