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Everything Changes... Eventually

Five years ago I got married. And after five years I am still not a Mrs. Tomorrow I get halfway there.

See my husband told me a long time ago, before we even started dating, that he HATED his last name, and would never expect his wife to take it. So when I married him I didn't take it. Because his last name is pretty sucky. Its not really that bad, but its Mexican. So when we had a home phone set up all our telemarketer calls were in Spanish. And when I have used his last name to sign up for things, all my junk mail comes in Spanish. I speak English.

Now I am an old-fashioned girl. I told him that I would take his last name, but I didn't want our kids to have it (HAHAHA - this was back when I thought I could reproduce). Being Mexican has some negative stereotypes attached to it, which I didn't want to saddle my kids with. Plus they will speak English, so they wouldn't be able to read their junk mail.

Michael agreed with me about not giving them his last name (…


I think that my body is skipping ovulation again this cycle.

I took ovulation tests this month, although I have no idea why, as we are not doing an IUI or anything. Just vitex (chasteberry, an herb) and acupuncture. But I got a positive on Saturday (CD12), but my temperature didn't go up the next day, so I took another one on Monday, which was also positive. But on Tuesday my temperature was still low, so I took another test and it was negative, but my temperature was still low. So I think my body pretended it was going to ovulate, then changed its mind.

It did the same thing during my IUI cycle, making me pretty darn happy I didn't try it again this month.

TMI ALERT - The following paragraph is pretty gross and more information then you probably want to read, proceed at your own risk.

I have been trying to check my cervix this cycle, but I don't really know what I am doing. Plus after all the time I have spent reading about fertility and trying to conceive, I somehow man…

The Human Pincushion - part 2

Tonight I have my second acupuncture appointment, and I thought I would update everyone about my first appointment.

Most important, and what everyone wonders most about acupuncture is does it hurt. The answer to this is only a little teeny, tiny bit, not really enough to even mention, but I thought I would so that no one goes out and tries it and hates me. I think there were around around 20-30 needles in me, on my belly, my arms, my legs, my feet, my hands, and one on top of my head. Only one of them hurt, which was the one that was put in my hand in the webbing (this is probably the wrong word, but I couldn't think of a better one) between my index finger and thumb. I told the lady that it didn't feel nice when she came back to take them out, and she said that I could have taken it out if it hurt, "Its your body"* (but in a nice way). Most of the others I didn't even feel go in, and the ones that I did just felt like when you are sewing or embroidering and …

An Irritating Ordeal

Next month is my birthday and as I am going to be old I have to renew my driver;s license. Yup I have been driving for eight years now. Well almost, but they make you renew it on your birthday, not when they first issued it.

A few years ago, we totaled our car. All my "papers" (passport, social security card, and birth certificate) got lost. So I had to order a new birth certificate, and I am REALLY hoping that my W-2 has my social security number on it, because I don't have time to get to the social security office and get my card in the mail before my birthday.

I was going to get my license renewed this weekend, but since my acupuncture appointment is Saturday, and I want to do some stuff before my picture gets taken for my license, I'm going to do it next weekend.

I am going to dye my hair, because in my last picture my hair looks retarded, so I want to to be all one color in the new one. I am also going to be REALLY pathetic, and get my make-up done at the Clin…

The Human Pincushion

Tomorrow I am going to get needles shoved into various parts of my body. Now five years ago this would undoubtedly be referring to a new piercing or tattoo but in my old age I am talking about acupuncture.

I got a book called "The Infertility Cure". It is about treating infertility through traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). I am quite excited, but equally terrified.

Getting pregnant is obviously the ultimate goal, but the real reason I am trying it is because western medicine has nothing to offer me. I want my hormones to get back in order. I am quite certain that something is quite off balance, as my cycles this year have varied from 15 to 70 days, and sometimes I bleed for half my cycle.

But the doctor doesn't care about that, all he can do is give me pills that are supposed to force my body to ovulate on schedule for one cycle. Then the next cycle I will be as screwed up as before or worse. Plus it doesnt even work. I want to be regulated, even if I never manage…

Back To School

I LOVE school supplies. If I can get something useful or fun for 15¢ (tangent - I miss the cent sign, so I figured out how to do it: alt + 0162 = ¢, you are welcome) , I'm buying it. Or seven of it.

Now I like pens, pencils and glue, but my true loves are notebooks and crayons. Pens dry up before I can use them (I have 3 bags in various colors that don't work very well), I don't use pencils, and I don't use glue.

Notebooks MUST be college ruled and its pretty much a guarantee that I will buy them in every available color. My husband thinks I am crazy (prehaps I am) but I love to fill them with lists, recipes, blog posts (before I type them) and randomly trying to write with my left hand.

Crayons are awesome, and Crayolas are the best, but usuallly way more expensive than stupid Cra-Z-Art (which I think replaces Roseart). Back to school time reverses that trend. So I bought a box and passed my off-brand ones onto the kids I baby-sit. Stay off my Crayolas!!! I like …