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Don't Say I Didn't Warn You - Flashback Friday

Additions to the original post are in pink :) This is one of my hypocritical posts, so you can read this disclaimer/warning. Or not, but just don't get all offended, and don't post anything mean, because it will hurt my feelings and not get published.

Yesterday I was watching Baggage, because I am a sucker for guilty pleasure TV. Anyways, most of the time they have really weird/scary/slutty baggage. Like the lady who had slept with 115 people. Or the guy with a satanic tattoo on his chest "Its all in fun" was his excuse. But this guys baggage was admirable. He said that he is the real life 40 year old virgin. Why on earth he went on the show is beyond me, maybe he had never watched it before. He said that he was raised really well and was religious and that it was important to him to wait until he was married. She turned him down of course, because she was a whore. I still watch Baggage. It is really trashy, but its just so crazy to see what people are willing to admit to on television...

Anyways, I am sure you have heard the whole, "You wouldn't buy a car without test driving it" analogy as to why you should engage in premarital sex. This guy had the perfect response to this (not verbatim): "Which would you rather buy; an old junker that has a bunch of miles on it and engine problems, or a brand new pristine car no one has ever driven?" Actually maybe that is why she turned him down, she didn't like being compared to a run down car. But still, I really thought it was awesome!

I do not think you should have premarital sex. I think its the root of quite a few problems, and if it were somehow eliminated (along with extramarital sex and divorce-I'll allow a few exceptions) the world would be a MUCH better place. See this is where the hypocrisy starts, because I did have sex before I got married, but I married the guy so I decided that makes it okay (not really, but I am always trying to rationalize my mistakes/failures).

First of all, STDs/VD would be virtually eliminated if people only had sex with one person, ever. In a few generations I doubt anyone would have AIDS/HIV, herpes, etc. So yeah, I pretty much deserve the Nobel Peace Prize in medicine, because I found the cure to AIDS. I expect to be nominated anytime now. Still waiting...

Many fewer babies would be killed. By this I mean that abortion rates would be lower, because very few married couples (in comparison to unmarried girls) would decide that they don't want the baby. Even if you are for allowing abortions, you have to admit that the ultimate goal would be for them to be unnecessary.

The crime rate would be lower. How is that you ask? Because children raised in two parent households have a lower crime rate. Along these same lines, the poverty rate would probably drop significantly because a majority of impoverished households are single parent households.

On a personal note, a reason for not having sex before you are married is that you might end up with someone that is hurt by the fact that their first time was not your first time. Not everyone is an obsessive & jealous person like me, but I certainly can't be the only one out there.

But what if you don't test drive the car, and it turns out it doesn't run well (by this I mean the one person you are ever going to have sex with sucks in case you are not good at metaphors)? Guess what? You will never know. Without something to compare it to, you just can't tell. Unless it won't start, but they make pills for that ;) . I mean if all you ever drove was a 25 year old car with 88 horsepower, you might be able to assume that the Ferrari you see drive by is way better to drive, but unless you drive it, you don't really know! Or if all you ever ate was broccoli, and you never had ice cream, you wouldn't know that comparatively broccoli is horrible. Dial-up internet was fine until you tried high speed right?

So as you can see, pre and extra marital sex (along with divorce) pretty much ruin the whole world.

Tomorrow (or the next day) - the second in my series of hypocritical posts! Or rather next week. This is Flashback FRIDAY!

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