October 18, 2016

Experiencing God Through His Names by Sheryl Giesbrecht - A Review

There are some things I never think of, but should.  One of these is what all the names of God mean.  I mean I know the Amy Grant (I went to my first concert in second grade, my mom took me to see Amy Grant!) song "Emmanuel" based on Isaiah 9:6, but I never put any thought into it. 

Not so with Sheryl Giesbrecht.  She has written a devotional book that goes through 31 of the different names for God.  The book touches on some common names, such as Father, and some more obscure names that are only mentioned once or twice in the Bible.

I love the idea behind this book.  It is a fresh look at our Father in Heaven, one that many of us probably have not thoroughly investigated.  Sheryl writes in a great voice, friendly and open, with a nice mix of personal stories and Bible stories.  The daily readings are quick enough to do everyday, even if you are busy.

My only problem is that the books seems like it was rushed to publication.  There are some very obvious typos that bother me in a published book.  On a blog, or in an e-book, I can easily look over them, but when you are being published, their should be editors to catch mistakes.  The formatting is a little awkward, it doesn't look polished.  Both of these could be overlooked if the content was amazing, but while the parts that are written are wonderful, I feel like it is missing information.  When I am reading about a topic that I don't know much about, I want a lot of facts.  I wanted the Bible verses that the name was used in, so I could see them for myself. 

It isn't a bad book by any means.  It was a unique idea, and Sheryl is an excellent writer.  It just feels incomplete.

For more information, or to purchase your own copy, click here!

I received this book free of charge from the LitFuse in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own.


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