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When It Rains, It Pours...

Random useless fact:  Morton Salt's tag line of "When it rains, it pours" is dissing on other brands of salt that used to clump when it was humid or rainy.  Now I am terrified of what they do to the salt to keep it from clumping...

Is it just me or is it true that when things are good they seem to get better, and when they are bad they seem to get worse?

A couple months ago I found out that I wouldn't be watching Jordyn and Cooper on a regular basis.  Which was sad for me, but pretty cool for them and their mom.  It was also VERY sad for our budget.

Then our car started acting funny, so Michael took it to the dealership to see what was wrong.  Apparently a few of our fuel injectors are broken.  Say good-bye to about $1500.  Luckily we got an amazing deal on our car, so we were able to reginance it and get the money to repair the car.  We also lengthened the loan so our payments are lower.  Since we are kind of sucky on the debt-free living, we never actually pay any of our cars off before we trade them in, and we are still "in the black" as far as what the car is worth vs. how much we owe AND we have a great interest rate, the longer term/lower payment thing is great.

Then our router quit working, which Michael temporarily fixed with a really long ethernet cord hooked up to the TV so we could still watch Netflix.  Then at some point I guess he really fixed it, but I have no idea when or how.

Next Michael's tooth started hurting really bad, and constantly.  Turns out he needed a root canal.  Thankfully we have dental insurance, so it was only like half the cost, but still more than we have.

After that our washing machine broke.  It started sounding like it was off balance, except its a front load machine, so that is an impossibility!  Then when the repairman came and looked at it her ran it and it worked fine because it was empty.  He was thorough and took it apart and looked at it, even though it seemed to run fine.  Turns out two of the shocks had detached.  YAY!  I wasn't just crazy!  He fixed them and it seems to be working great now.  The washer was under warranty, or rather the Best But protection plan, so we didn't have to pay for the repair.  It was just one more thing that went wrong.

My original point of this post was to write about how much life was sucking (at least financially), but writing it all out put it in perspective, and instead of seeing how bad things are, I am seeing how blessed we are.  We could have been upside down in our car when it broke, we could have no dental insurance, Michael could have listened to me and not paid for the protection plan (which I am always against getting, and yet it has served us VERY well many times, maybe I should just start listening to him).  So I guess maybe instead of being punished or tested, as I thought before I wrote this, we are actually being blessed and protected!

And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.  Romans 8:28

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  1. What a blessing that you could turn and see how God had turned bad to Good. Sometimes, saying (or typing as it were) things 'out loud' helps us to get better perspective. I pray the sun/SON shines brighter from this point forward!


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