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More Vintage Advertising - Parents October 1947 (1)

While For Teens Only WAS a fun magazine, it also seemed to be a little low-budget if you ask me.  The lack of name brand advertisers was fairly disappointing.  So today's advertisements are much better.

This is from Parents' magazine, way back in October 1947 (39 years before I was born).  I will probably spend a few weeks (or even months) trying to get through all the awesomeness that is in this magazine, without overwhelming you with pictures.  I am keeping the pictures small so that the post isn't a mile long, but you can click on them to see them full-sized.  If you have any trouble reading them, please let me know and I will take a picture of the text for you.
The cover.  An interesting note: that little feather that says "Give" in the bottom left corner, it talks about giving to your community chest.  Beyond being a part of Monopoly, I have no idea what a community chest is.

This is an ad from American-Standard, which apparently made furnaces that were pink and could go in your dining room, as well as bathroom fixtures.  I love that most of these brands are still around today!

This one is for Ipana.  Which if you are a Grease fan, you know is toothpaste.  It knocks out decay fast!  Although I have never seen Ipana toothpaste, and assumed it had been discontinued, it turns out you can buy it online, from Maxill, but while they will ship it to the US it charges in Canadian dollars, so I don't know how that works.

Ah Listerine.  No problems peddling your product to do whatever it might be able to make money from.  I have seen ads advocating it as a douche (mmm, minty!  Sorry that was probably crossing a line...) and now they are promoting it as a hair rinse to keep from getting infected with dandruff...

Here we have women getting super chatty and excited about their Maytag washing machine.  I mean don't get me wrong, I LOVE my washing machine, but unlike Mrs. Wells, it is NOT my favorite topic. 

 Culligan made (and still makes) water softeners.  Nowadays I think they are more known for their bottled water delivery, which kind of threw me off when they said you should bathe in soft water, because that would be a pretty expensive bath.

Okay, well I didn't think this one was from a "real" brand, but turns out that it is.  Oh the things you can learn by searching Google.  Miles Kimball is a catalogue business that has been around for over 80 years.  While you can get some pretty cool nostalgic toys, the Kiddie Slide is no longer available.

While I think a baby gate for windows could come in handy, what with the ADA making it so that windows have to be super low to the ground, I am not sure this one really cuts it.  But if its the thought that counts, then this is a great product.  I can not find A.V. Barwood Products on Google, so apparently they didn't last.

This ad doesn't even really make sense to me.  They say you should be a "fresh up family", but don't really say what that is.  So I am assuming it just means a family that drinks 7up.

Crane still exists.  I don't understand the picture in this advertisement.  Is the blue the before and the pink the after?  Because I have a pink bathroom, and I think it is TERRIBLE for an after.  Or is the blue just the pictures of the items and the pink inset is the way they can make your bathroom look?

This questionable ad comes from the folks at Gerber.  Poor Betty, she can't say no and has to watch her figure.  So I am beginning to think that magazines and advertisements have nothing to do with the increase in eating disorders in recent years...

Campbell's used to make baby soups.  I don't know when they stopped, but I assume it was awhile ago, because I have never seen them.  I think they want to get back into the baby soup/food game though, because they are in the process of buying Plum Organics.

Another one from Campbell's, but this time for the old stand-by vegetable soup.  But I can't figure out where in a school child's day there is a place for "good hot soup".  Soup is messy and hard to take in a brown paper sack.  But I guess back in the day lots of kids came home for lunch right?
Frigidaire is still in business, and their current ad campaign is actually one of my favorites.  They show lots of old appliances and such.  Such as the first electric refrigerator, which is way prettier than the modern ones.  The refrigerator advertised here is special because it has "cool walls" and apparently the air doesn't circulate so your food stays fresher and you don't have to cover it.  I mean it seems like it would kind of make your fridge stink, but what do I know?

I am going to end today's post with a close up from the Frigidaire ad.  This is the size of the freezer, that tiny little pull down drawer.  Which they call a "Big Super Freezer Chest". 

Come back next Monday for more!

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