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Deus Filia Review and Giveaway

Today is the start of September, and that means time for the start of another giveaway!

I am mixing it up this time, and trying out Giveaway Tools instead of Rafflecopter, so let me know what you think!

On to the review!

Deus Filia is a mother/daughter company, that specializes in 100% genuine Baltic Amber baby teething necklaces.  The necklaces are handmade in the USA, and unlike any other company that makes teething necklaces, she guarantees her work!  Deus Filia is a great company to support, not only are the products made locally (well to me) in Rainier, Oregon, but Tanya was wonderful to work with.  They are also a Christian company, which makes me extra happy to do business with them. :)

I was generously given a Golden Bronze and Black Brocade Ring Sling to try out and review.  The first thing I noticed about the sling is that it is gorgeous!  Seriously, this has to be the prettiest baby sling there is!  It makes me wish I had some formal baby-wearing event to go to or something.

There is a LOT of fabric, which makes it really easy to get both a good seat, and have it come up high enough on the baby's back to have the arms in.  Miss Baby is the model here, and she loves having her arms in, even though she is old enough to have them out.  I have only used this sling a few times, because the fabric is fairly thick, which makes it a little stuffy for the hot summer we have been having.  This would be a little better to use in the colder months I think.  I have found that the slightly slippery fabric is actually a good thing, it makes it easier to adjust the rails, but the rings still hold it in the position that you want it in after you adjust it.  The rings are Deus Filia uses are tested to hold up to 250 lbs!

Handwashing of the sling is recommended, but only because if you put it in the washer with stuff with buttons and zippers the fabric could get snagged.  So if you want to use the washing machine, that is no problem, you just want to put it in on a gentle cycle by itself.

If you would like to buy one of these beautiful slings, go to Deus Filia's Etsy Store.  She only has a couple slings listed, as she specializes more in the Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces, but she is up for custom orders.  The ones she has listed are priced between $69 and $119, depending on the fabric. 

For the giveaway I was given a Golden Honey 100% Genuine Baltic Amber Teething Necklace.  For those of you that don't know, these popular baby accessories actually serve a practical purpose.  The resin from the Baltic Amber is known to ease teething discomfort.  I have never had the opportunity to use one, but I know a couple of people that swear by them.  

This necklace closes with a magnetic clip, so it doesn't break if your baby pulls on it.  The magnet is strong, so it won't just fall off.  The one pictured below is not a picture of the actual necklace I am giving away, but a picture of one that looks just like it from her Etsy store.  I suck at taking pictures, so I try to use other people's photos whenever I don't think copyright infringement will be an issue.
To purchase a Baltic Amber Teething Necklace from Deus Filia, visit her shop on Etsy.  Her teething necklaces range from $27.99 - $47.99.  The $47.99 one is actually for an awesome mother/baby matching set.

Along with her Etsy shop, Tanya also sells Young Living Essential Oils, and will be having a giveaway soon, so you should definitely check her out on Facebook!


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