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31 Days of Housewifery - Day 5

Have you ever had a day where you didn't do anything, but you were still exhausted at the end of the day?

Today probably wouldn't have been very successful housewife-wise even if things had went according to plan.  But they didn't so I can pretend it was not my fault.

Our car has broken FIVE TIMES since we bought it in like February.  It is a nice car, in theory.  But in reality it has cost us over $4000 in repairs, not counting this time.  It broke for the fourth time on Wednesday, when it started smelling like gas.  Michael figured out what was wrong and ordered the part, which my mom and I picked up on Friday.  This morning he fixed it.  He went to fill up the gas tank and the car alerted him that there was a problem with the fuel pump.  The light went back off, and he came home and told me to get me and the baby ready because we were going to trade the car in.  We cannot keep paying to fix it.  We already had to refinance the car to pay for the first repair, take out a loan for the second repair, and borrow LOTS of money from Michael's grandparents to fix it the third time.

So we returned the truck we had been borrowing, and the car was running fine.  Then we get about half way to the dealership where we are thinking we will buy a car, and the check engine light comes on.  Not a huge deal, except the car is also shuddering every time Michael hits the accelerator.  Michael gets off at the next exit so he can go to a truck stop and take a look at it.  But once he stops the car at the end of the exit it won't start at all.  And gas is pouring out the bottom of the car.  

Luckily my mom came with us, so she called my grandpa and after a stop at Autozone to make sure he had the tools we needed (which took a really long time, or time goes slowly when you are stuck at the end of an exit blocking traffic a little bit, with a toddler sleeping in the car... - we all thought it was probably better to leave her in the car then have her fighting to get down and play in traffic), they came to try to rescue us.  It was pretty awesome, because while we were waiting for my grandparents, four guys (from three different cars, they were not a group or anything) helped Michael push the car up to the truck stop so we were not blocking traffic and he could work on it safely.  YAY for so many good Samaritans!!!  

Michael took the cover off of the engine (new cars have covers over everything I guess?) and it turns out the part he had just replaced had broke.  THANKFULLY it was because the fuel injector broke both of the parts.  This is a good thing because all of our fuel injectors have broken and been replaced since we bought the car, so they are under warranty.  Apparently people don't like to get their cars fixed on Saturdays though, because the service department was closed.  So Michael talked to the sales manager at the dealership, and they said that they would probably be able to fix it for free.  They also said that they would pay for the tow.  So Michael called the towing company and they were on their way.

Now because I have never been in a tow truck before I have no idea how well they work with car seats (FYI, the tow truck guy said they don't fit very well), so I send Miss Baby with my mom and grandparents.  But by now it has already been about 3 hours since we left, and I have no idea how long it will be until we can pick her up.  And I only brought two diapers, because even if we bought a car, it wouldn't take more than like 5 hours, and 3 diapers in 5 hours is plenty. 

About an hour later the tow truck guy gets there, loads up the car and we drive back to the dealership.  Where we have to do more waiting for Michael's mom to come pick us up.  Then we have to run a couple errands with her.  By the time we got back to our house we had been gone 7 hours.  She loans us her car, and we drive up to get Miss Baby, who is still an hour away.  

I got some diaper covers in the mail today, and since I had limited diapers, I had sent one with my mom so that she could worst care scenario stick a dishtowel in the cover.  So when I picked her up she was wearing a diaper cover with a dishtowel, because she had just pooped in her last diaper.  I brought diapers with me so I changed her right away and was quite amused that the dishtowel they had used was basically a flat diaper, since it was big and white and birdseye.

On the way home Miss Baby fell asleep, because she hadn't napped pretty much all day, other than maybe 40 minutes in the morning.  So she went to bed right when we got home, which could come back to bite me in the butt tomorrow morning, because she fell asleep at about 7 pm, and usually she doesn't go to bed until at least 9 pm.  I could be hating life tomorrow at about 6 am...

I am really hoping that the dealership honors the warranty and we don't have to figure out how in the heck we are supposed to pay for yet another $1000 repair.  

This was totally not about housewifery, but it is my excuse for my suckiness today :)

It is also a warning to NEVER BUY A BMW, no matter how awesome they are!!!!  


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