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Hotslings Baby Carrier Review and Giveaway!

In case you have not figured it out, I like to start each month with a giveaway!  Luckily I have had lots of super awesome sponsors lately that have given me amazing items to give away.

To start off October, we are giving away a Hotsling!  I promise to have a non-baby related giveaway soon, but I just love baby stuff, so I love reviewing it!  As with most of my giveaways I was given a free product in exchange for my honest review.  

Let me begin by saying that although I just now GOT a Hotsling, they are actually the beginning of my baby-wearing obsession.  Way back when (probably around 2007/2008) my friend Melissa showed me the Hotslings website.  Before I saw them, the only baby-wearing experience I really had was my mom and dad's old metal frame backpack carrier that I would sometimes carry my sister in to go get the mail (I was only nine or ten, but it was only probably 100 feet down the driveway).  I had also seen people use the duffel bag style slings, but never really had felt inclined to have a baby carrier myself until I saw the gorgeous patterns and sleek style of Hotslings.

I was instantly in love with them, and if we had been either rich, or in need of one, I would have bought one immediately.  But since I wasn't pregnant and we were poor I never did get one.  Since then I have found so many other baby wearing options, but none quite the same as the Hotsling.  I did actually find Seven Slings which I kind of felt were an inferior version of the Hotsling, but much more affordable, so that is what I got.  Ironically I just found out today that Hotslings and Seven Slings are actually owned by the same parent company (Mother's Lounge), so I guess my hypothesis was much closer to the truth than I originally imagined.

Flash forward to today, and Hotslings still has the same stylish look that attracted me to them in the first place.  I am sure the patterns are different, and they have much improved their sizing, but they still seem to have the same basic design.

I was generously allowed to choose the pattern that I wanted, and I chose Graham Cracker.  I thought that most of my other carriers were pretty plain, so I should go with something colorful, but not super girly.  Although it isn't my usual choice of black, white, brown, or pink, I still really like it.

The sling came packaged nicely, and included a free matching diaper pod.  I of course promptly took it out before taking a picture so I had to stuff it back in, which is why it is all off to the side and lopsided looking in the picture.  I also made Hadlee get in it, even though she is much to tall for a short girl like me to carry around and at the top of the weight limit for the sling.  I didn't get any pictures though, sorry.

It has padded rails for the baby's comfort, which is nice, and something I have not seen in a sling before.  It also has a very helpful tag on it that tells you which way faces your neck and where it should be positioned.  Since I am a little "sling stupid", I thought that was awesome.  The AP in Hotslings AP Carrier is for "Adjustable Pouch".  The main problem with a pouch sling is that getting the right size is quite complicated, since people all have different builds.  The Hotslings have two adjustable straps that make it so it is one size fits (almost) all.  They do have a large size available as well.

Supposedly you are supposed to adjust the sling BEFORE putting the baby in, but I honestly had no luck with that.  If the top rail was tight enough to hold Miss Baby close to me then I couldn't get her in the pouch.  So I actually adjusted the bottom rail, put her in, held her close and then tightened the top rail.  It worked MUCH better this way.  If there is one thing about this sling I don't like it is the adjusting straps and buckles.  The material used to make them is to soft, so they get twisted up REALLY easy so you have to straighten them out pretty much every time you use it.

Best thing about pouch slings: They look
almost like an accessory.
In the interest of honesty, I think this sling is a little expensive for what it is.  If I were going to spend this much money I would probably want either a wrap (which I can wear comfortably for hours) or a linen or wool (natural fibers) sling.  BUT, neither of those will fit in your diaper bag easily (especially the wrap) or look so stylish (assuming baby-wearing can be stylish...).

A couple of facts about the slings and then on to the giveaway!

  • safe for babies 8-35 lbs
  • available to purchase at
  • $64.95 each + $5.95 shipping (but for a limited time-no idea how long-the coupon code "save25" will take 25% off your purchase price!)


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