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Sometimes My Tongue Hurts From Biting It

This story is very tangent filled.  It is actually two stories.  One about getting our Christmas trees, the other about biting my tongue.

Last night we got our Christmas trees.  Yes, I said trees, like plural, because we have a living room and a family room and I see no reason they shouldn't both be festive.  Overkill?  Probably, but it doesn't hurt anything.  Plus then I can put the presents under the tree in the living room and the baby won't try to eat them, but we can still have a tree in the family room for everyone to see.

Anyways, we have a little car, so getting two Christmas trees home with it would be a stretch.  So we borrowed Michael's mother's SUV.  She lives really close, and the tree farm we went to is like, literally, 2 minutes from our house, so it was no big deal.

This tree farm was GREAT.  You go out into the field and pick your tree, then you come back and get the workers and they cut it down, drag it back, cut off the bottom limbs, shake the loose needles, bale it, and load it onto your car for you!  For only $30!  Which is more than we usually pay for a tree, but only by like $5-10.  Plus we told them we forgot our coupon (which we did) so they gave us $5 off BOTH trees!

Then my wonderful husband spent the evening putting up Christmas lights in the rain.  Eventually we got around to taking his mom her vehicle.  His sister was over visiting, and then a neighbor came by.  (Now we are getting to the tongue pain)  While she was over the neighbor started talking about a family member who has apparently had 3 preemies due to a lack of some hormone that can't be synthesized so they can't just supplement it.  Then she said that this woman was 4 months pregnant, and was barely registering as pregnant with her hormone levels (maybe its hCG she is deficient in?).  All fine and dandy conversation.  Next thing she says is NOT fine and dandy, in fact it disgusts me.  She said "She had her amniocentesis done and they are waiting to hear back those results, and if anything is wrong they are going to terminate.  Otherwise they will keep the pregnancy going as long as they can."  Just like that.  No mention of it being awful.  Seriously, sometimes I wish I were permanently drunk so I could tell people exactly what I think.  Because I really wanted to say "Oh, yes, by all means, test to make sure the baby is fine.  If it has down syndrome or something it should definitely be murdered.  In fact, having a birth defect is a great reason to dismember someone and throw the pieces of their corpse in the garbage.  Not to mention there is something like a 5% false positive rate.  Or the fact that she is having a procedure that increases the risk of miscarriage in an already high risk pregnancy."

But I didn't because I can't.  Plus Michael unknowingly had great timing.  He isn't really one to pay attention to conversations that  don't actually involve him, so he was watching TV.  But immediately after she said so casually that her family member might commit infanticide, Michael suggested we leave.  A suggestion that I immediately agreed to.  I would say it was divine intervention (should that be capitalized?), but I kind of think that God would prefer I speak for those that have no voice. 

Have you ever bitten your tongue when you really didn't want to?  Or are you more of a speak your mind type person?


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  1. Whether or not I bite my tongue tends to depend on what the circumstance is cause if I know them really well then I tend not too or if I don't really know them and can choose to not see them again then I will too but if I only kinda know them and have to see them again then I try to bite my tongue. Sorry that was a really long run on sentence lol. This is Megan but I had to put anonymous cause I don't have anything else to select

  2. I normally believe in letting things be... but I wouldn't have been able to go without saying SOMETHING.
    Probably around the lines of "those tests aren't very accurate" and tried to leave it at that.

    How can someone be so selfish?!?!?!?!?!?!

  3. I tend to get a little out of control when I let people know how I feel. Its like it takes so much adrenaline to get the guts to say something that I've got 'roid rage!

    I get shaky for like 15 minutes after a confrontation of any sort (unless its with my mom/sister/husband...) and have trouble keeping myself from tears, curse words, and well, lets call it outdoor levels of volume. Or screaming, because screaming is more honest...

  4. Over the years, I've learned (through MUCH trial and error) that if my first impulse is to speak, it is usually much better that I don't, and vice versa. Doing it, however, is the trick!

    Thanks for linking up this week.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment. I really appreciate it :)

      Ah, impulse control... Quite a struggle sometimes.

  5. I shake from adrenaline in confrontation too. I also get sick to my stomach.

    1. Nothing makes a point more memorable than saying your piece, convulsing, and then vomiting on the persons shoes :)


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