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Learning About Desert Tortoises - Mother Goose Time

Today we went back to five kids, so I was able to do some school with Mother Goose Time!  Of course the girls are off for Spring Break, so we included our six year old (E) in our fun.  She is a little to old for it, but she is young enough she thinks it is fun anyways, and she adds some more interesting answers to our discussion questions.  We also included Boy-Z, although at 22 months, he wasn't really doing anything.

For whatever reason, Little Guy was pretty excited about Desert Tortoise day.  Last week he was putting a box on his back and told me he was a desert tortoise, and the box was his shell.  I am not really even sure where he heard about them... I must have shown him the bags as I was going through the box and the tortoise stuck with him.

First we read The Tortoise and the Hare.  They got to run around while I read it, going FAST whenever I said "hare" and s   l    o   w whenever I said "tortoise".  Because I doubted how much they were listening while they were running around, I had them sit down and read it again.  I asked them some comprehension questions and they both did fairly well. 

Next we learned the difference between tortoises and turtles, which honestly, I had no idea about.  Reptiles are icky, I have never really learned much about them.  Little Guy did pretty darn great at noticing and remembering the differences. 
color matching gamecolor matching
Later we played a matching game, where I randomly drew a Connecting Cube (we were supposed to use the spinner, but it was in a box upstairs, so I randomly grabbed one) and then we matched them to our tortoise shell pictures.  Mr. Little Guy was a very sore loser at first, but then we went in the other room and talked about it, and he came out with a smile on his face and told the winner she did well.

The last thing we did was make a pet tortoise.  First I asked the kids what they would name a pet tortoise if they had one.  Little Guy said "Becky, from the movie" (we recently watched the first half of McLintock!), until I asked him if it was a girl tortoise, at which point he decided he would name it Steven.  No idea where he heard the name Steven.  Elise would name her tortoise Bob.  I handed both of them scissors, and Little Guy did incredibly well.  Usually I hand him scissors and he can't do much with them.  Today he cut that paper like mad, although he didn't really make much other than some fringe.

learning to cut

We get our Mother Goose Time curriculum free of charge in exchange for sharing our fun experiences with my readers.  All opinions are my own :)


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