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I have a little problem...

So this is my first time post here on Rachel's little brain child and of course the topic is as always babies!!!

I kind of have an obsession with looking at other blogs... especially ones that are filled with pretty pictures... and babies!!!

This one is my new favorite!!!

Check it out!!!

Sunny Days...

Sweeping the Clouds Away... Yes I am singing the Sesame Street song.

I used to love Sesame Street, but now it sucks. Elmo sucks. I used to think he was cute. Until he took over the whole show with stupid Elmo's World. Where did Grover the waiter go? And the Yip-yips (I think thats what they were called)?

Alright, rant over.

Today was wonderfully sunny! Not so hot its uncomfortable, but just right. I went for a walk with the baby I baby-sit, which was awesome. I really wish that they would not rip up the sidewalks, because when your pushing a stroller you have to turn around and find another corner to cross at because you have to be careful with the precious cargo of a baby!

My job is awesome. Today I got breakfast and lunch cooked for me, and watched Grey's Anatomy before my lovely walk. I work for wonderful people, and am a little sad that I have to move on pretty soon, but hopefully they will still call me for weekends and evenings :)

My Pathetic Self Control

Today I could have spent my entire paycheck at Goodwill. Getting books. Books that I don't care to read. Books that I am hoping to someday have a daughter or two that wants to read them. Instead I spent seven dollars. Which is still alot considering that I am pretty broke. They are Baby-Sitters Club books. Baby-Sitters Little Sister Super Specials actually. But someone had dropped off what looked to be at least half the series in near perfect conditon at my local Goodwill. My goodness, my husband would have been SO mad if I had bought them all. I would have been pretty mad at myself tomorrow actually.

To be a little fair to myself I AM collecting up ALL the BSC books for my future daughters (okay I admit it, its a little bit for me too) as well as ALL the Animorphs books for my someday sons (and yes, for my husband).

At Costco today I nearly had a break-down. Because they were out of pizza and hotdogs and my husband was going to run out of time to eat dinner on his break. I manag…

Lets Make a New Holiday

Mother's Day unfairly excludes people like me. I mean I can send cards and gifts to my mother and grandmothers, but I am not on the receiving end of the celebration, and I find that sad.

Three years. Three years since I stopped taking birth control. And three years that I have not had a baby. In this time lots of people I know have had babies, and some are "cooking" their second by now.

I know I am not alone in this, I have friends that also have problems with getting pregnant, and I have been a member of online communities with a HUGE membership of ladies that are willing to go through so much pain and hurt to get their hearts desire. People who have been trying for 10 years or more, or have invested every last penny into trying to make the dream become a reality.

In a perfect world crackwhores and people who don't want kids wouldn't get them, and those of us who are aching for kids would get them upon request. Its not a perfect world, so that doesn't happ…