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3 Common Myths About Waist Training

Soooo.  I got my gorgeous corset from Orchard Corset a few months back.  I seasoned it, I loved it, I wrote about it.

Then I got a job baby-sitting at someone else's house.  Which left me either a) not waist training, b) wearing my corset 10+ hours a day (which some people do) and/or messing with it as someone else's house, or c) wearing it in the evenings.

As the lazy person I am, you can probably guess which option I took.  Then I came back home to baby-sit, but now it has been 90 degrees most days, and I just haven't wanted to lace up!

However, I still got my corset for free from Orchard Corset, and I feel like I should really attempt to keep up my end of the bargain better than I have been.  But since I don't really have any update pictures, which is what I had HOPED to share with you guys, I am instead going to talk about some common misconceptions that people have about waist training.  And maybe a picture or two because even though I don't wear it often, I…

Sunshine, Crabs, Sand, and Volcanoes - A Very Exciting Island!

I am going to share the rest of my Alphabet Island pictures.  For June, Mother Goose Time sent us curriculum designed around an theme, and it really was a lot of fun until I got off of my schedule.
In this first set of picture, my son is creating a picture of the sun.  With rays coming off of it.  Unfortunately all I can see is sperm, but hey that is what I get from my years of infertility I guess?

One day we made crabs.  Little Guy was irritated (again) that I cut out the shapes for the littler boys so they look more "professional" than his.  Buy I really think that cutting them himself is important, so I make him push through.  We were supposed to put either sand or tiny rocks in them, but since I didn't think the people I baby-sit for would want sand or rocks all over the house we just left them empty.
The blue and tan pictures are sand pictures.  I thought the cellophane was a fun touch.  I love that Mother Goose Time always sends a variety of different mediums to u…

Its Either Sailboats or Wind - Mother Goose Time

Have I ever mentioned before that I am A WRECK without a schedule.  Yeah, I am sure I have, many, many, many times.  Anyways, I had a pretty good run of getting everything done, then the boys I baby-sit started coming to my house, throwing off the routine I had gotten into (although I really prefer it this way).  After that my mom came to visit for 3 weeks (YAY!).  During the time my mom was here, free lunch at the park started.  Needless to say my house is a mess and Mother Goose Time is not being done daily and blogging isn't being done regularly.  Okay, that is the end of my explanation/excuse.

*Confession: I lost the Teacher's Guide to Alphabet Island, between bringing it back and forth from baby-sitting and completely cleaning out my homeschooling cupboard I have no idea where it went.  So none of the Alphabet Island activities will have names anymore unless I find the guide.*

This is the set-up for the Invitation to Create.  The boys were making Sailboats.  Poor Little G…