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Why Do Teenagers Do Such Stupid Things?

When I was 17 I heard from a few friends about a handy, dandy little shot that would keep you from getting your period. The Depo Provera shot. It is intended as birth control, and as I was not sexually active I didn't need it at all. But who could resist the temptation of no period?

My mom of course told me no. Unfortunately for me, thanks to the progressive laws in the realm of birth control, it was quite easy for me to go get this nasty little injection without her permission, with only one little lie to the lady giving it to me ("Why yes, I am planning on being sexually active and want to be safe!").

My friend and I went together to get them. And they royally screwed up both of us. I didn't have any mood swings, or weight gain. I just had random periods. But pretty light and not troublesome.

I had two or three of these shots, then decided that I really didn't need them, so I should probably quit getting them since they didn't even stop my period. Th…

I Can't Do It Anymore... (An absurdly long post because I am to lazy to seperate it)

That is what I think every cycle when its at the end and I am spotting and I know that the stupid bitch is on her way. I can't do it anymore. But really, what am I doing? I'm not getting pregnant. I would LOVE to stop not getting pregnant, but I am not really in control of that now am I?

Sometimes I want to get on birth control. Other times I want to scramble my insides or get a hysterectomy. Anything to kill the hope I have every month (or so). Ironically if I did get on birth control, I wouldn't really want to have sex anymore, because I would be afraid that I would conceive and then the chemicals would abort it, thereby making it pointless to be on birth control. I love birth control. I feel SO good on birth control. Unlike other people who have a low libido and depression, I feel awesome. I am much more emotionally stable, I have less acne, and I have a higher libido. Obviously something is VERY wrong with my hormones.

I tried acupuncture this cycle for a c…