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Anniversary Giveaway!

Well I just realized that Mother's Day was my 1st Blogiversary. 

I realized that after I noticed that I had not posted about the unfairness that is Mother's Day.  I can't believe I actually have been blogging for a year.  I mean I am not the most consistent, but I could be much worse, I mean 76 posts in one year equals out to about one post every 4-5 days.  Of course that isn't how I post, but still.

To celebrate I am going to have a giveaway! 

That is right, I am going to give something away to someone that reads my blog.  Since most of them are local I probably won't have to pay shipping even.  I am cheap, and poor, so it will be a book that I giveaway, and I will let the winner (whom will be picked by using a random number generator) pick from a list that is mostly chick lit and maybe a baby book or two.  Or if you like baby clothes, I can probably make a baby item for you (especially if you like girl baby clothes, boy clothes are much harder to make).  Whatever…