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I was inspired to write about this controversial topic because of a post on Birth Without Fears Facebook page.  Usually I attempt to be civil, polite, respectful and courteous when I discuss this (or other controversial) topic(s), but since this is my blog I am going to say what I think and why I think it.  I won't insult people, or call people names, but I won't sugarcoat it either.  Not that I think it will be a problem, but I won't publish comments that are insulting.  I only have 16 followers, but I want to warn you ahead of time.

I think that abortion is wrong.  Plain and simple.
I don't care if you* got raped.  Two wrongs do NOT make a right.  Just because someone did something horrible to you doesn't mean you should kill an innocent person.  If you don't feel that you can love the baby because of the circumstances that is reasonable, give it up for adoption.

I don't care if the baby has Down's Syndrome.  It is still YOUR CHILD and God trusted you…