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I Am About To Become An Even Worse Blogger!

Which is an awesome thing!  Okay, its sad for all you loyal readers, but its a good thing for me!

On Saturday my husband and I are moving out of his mother's house!  For those of you that don't know, its been a long time.  3 years and 8 months to long.  So I am super excited.

This comes at a loss though.  The loss of internet and cable television.  We are poor and can't afford everything, so food comes first. 

Tomorrow will be the last time I shower at this house, tomorrow night is the last night I will sleep here.  I'm going to have someplace that is my own and I am ecstatic.  As you can tell by my excessive use of exclamation points!  Actually thats just a habit of mine as I like to convey my excitement!

Yes, I DO Like to Overshare!

A lot of people that are trying to have a baby don't tell everyone.  I guess they don't want everyone to know, or its embarassing or something. 

I on the otherhand tell anyone who asks if I have kids/why don't I have kids.  I'm afraid if I don't people will think I am one of "those" people.  You know, the ones who don't want kids, or want to have tons of money before they have kids.  I am most certainly NOT like that.  In fact I have wanted kids since before I was even having sex, which would have been pretty difficult to accomplish.

I understand that not everyone wants kids.  However, I wonder about the priorities of such people.  The only people that I have heard say they don't want kids are people who then say that they want freedom to do whatever then want, whenever they want, or that they enjoy having lots of money and not having to spend it on kids.*  These people strike me as selfish.  If someone said they didn't want kids because they…

The Story of My Life or My Rant About Not Getting Pregnant

Every month (or cycle really because my periods do not run with the calendar, or even the lunar phases) I get hopeful that this was the month.  I'm just sure that this is the month that we got the eggie. 

Well for the last 40 cycles I have been wrong.  It get a little bit annoying.  Actually its pretty much the worst thing that happens to me every month. 

I get so many symptoms: tired, nauseated, sore swollen feeling boobs, super hungry.  I am pretty darn sure they are all in my head.  Because until I started trying for a baby, I had pretty non-eventful periods, and pretty much no PMS.  Now I have PMS like crazy (my poor husband has to listen to me scream and cry all day about 4 days before my period starts).  I think my body knows that it didn't get pregnant and is mad. 

So starting in around October (depending on finances, which are always a problem for us) we are going to start going to a fertility specialist.  Sounds super fun.  I'm going for sarcasm, but its pretty…

Yes, There Is Even More To Say About Diapers

So in the last few days I have read two potty training books (Yeah, its kinda weird, but think about what a prepared mommy I will be, plus I baby-sit so its good to know anyways) which have taught me SOOOO much more about the importance of cloth diapers, as well as the importance of early potty training!
I'll just focus on diapers, but I will probably end up spouting off about the wonderful world of infant potty training/elimination communication/natural infant hygeine.

People in the USA used to start potty training really early. Like two or three months old. This was back when there were no disposable diapers, and no automatic washing machines. When washing machines got to be more popular, good old Dr. Spock suggested waiting longer to potty train, like 9 months old or so. In 1957 half of all babies started potty training by 9 months old.

Then Pampers came out. In 1961 Dr. Brazelton (who's name is really familiar to me for some reason) signed up to sing Pampers praises. He t…


A post about diapers could go in many directions.

-It could revert back to my last post about a leaky diaper that resulted in me wearing a blanket.

-It could also be about crazy astronaut stalkers who wear diapers to avoid the annoying road trip hassle of having to go to the bathroom.

-I could be super mean and make jokes at the expense of the poor souls who have to wear Depends and other such incontinence products.
It all seems so over done though. So I'm going to go with an equally over done topic of cloth diapers.

Why cloth? Well number one, check out the picture! How cute are these cloth diapers? Other then the new limited time only denim look Huggies with the creepy sexed up toddler ad, plastic diapers (known to cloth-diaperers as "sposies") don't even compare!

Of course thats not a very practical reason, and practicality will probably reign supreme when there are little ones running around.

So imagine for a moment ladies (I know only ladies will continue readi…

I Am A Terrible Blogger!

Some people blog everyday.

Some people blog every other day.

Some people blog once a week.

Then there is me. I blog whenever the heck I feel like it.

Its not that I don't care about my loyal blog readers (yes, all 4 of them (: ) Its just that I don't really do much, and my thoughts tend to verge on obsessive. Since no one cares that I took a shower this morning and then went to work, came home, ate pasta, and wasted my entire evening on the Internet, I don't have much to say. I am fairly sure that most people do not want to hear about my menstrual cycle on a daily basis (cycle day 14, 6 days past ovulation, and hopefully in the middle of an implantation dip, but I'm trying not to get my hopes up, in case you were wondering), but when you have been trying to have a baby for 3 years, its kind of a main focus.

I got peed on at work today.

Don't worry, I'm not some weird fetish hooker or something, I baby-sit for an 11 month old and although her diaper wasn't…

Are You Interested in a Way of Lowering SIDS, Childhood Cancer Rates and Other Bad Things?

Me too!

So I suggest you breastfeed. Well actually since only two people appear to read my blog, and neither of them have kids, that might be kind of weird and inappropriate considering they are probably not lactating. But anyways...

The Wonderful Health Benefits of Breastfeeding!

*babies breastfed for less than 4 weeks are 5 times more likely to die of SIDS than infants breastfed for more than 16 weeks
*Babies breastfed 2 months or less are almost 4 times more likely than babies breastfed for more than a year to be obese when they enter elementary schoo
*Infants breastfed for 6 months or less are almost 3 times more likely to contract a lymphoid malignancy than babies breastfed longer than 6 months
*breastfeeding for only 9 months or less is a risk factor for asthma
*women who breastfeed each of their children for only 1 to 6 months are twice as likely to suffer from either premenopausal or postmenopausal breast cancer than women who breastfeed each of their children for more than 2 …

Not Quite a Failure...

Today I decided that I needed to sew some more. I like it, and I had Michael spend money on a sewing machine, not to mention all the money I spent on things to sew.

And patterns, oooh I love patterns. I have some that I don't even know if I will use, but for $0.25 how can I pass them up?

So today I finished my baby shirt. Its suppossed to be a preemie size, but the little girl I baby-sit wears 12 months, and I think it might be a little big for her... So I have no idea what is up with pattern sizes.

I also worked on my apron a little, but can't finish it until I have access to an iron, which will be in a million years when I finally move out, since I am going to be working all the time soon.

Now I'm going to actually try and make a sash to make my dress look less horrible!