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What I Don't Want For My Kids

I recently read a post on a blog.  It was about how coloring books stifle creativity.  You should just hand your kids plain paper.

However, I realized that I don't care one iota about cultivating creativity.  

I have seen a chart that was ripped to shreds on a Facebook post explaining good coloring vs. bad coloring.  I really want to make one myself.  Abstract art is NOT my thing.  In fact I think that most abstract art is either atrocious or looks like a small child did it.

I have a wonderful picture that Miss Baby colored.  She did it SO well.  I told her what colors to color everything, and she did such a good job not scribbling (keep in mind she is 2!).  I was so pleased with her good work!!!

After seeing the chart and reading about the perils of coloring books, I got to thinking about what I care about in regards to my kids.  That post will be done later.  This post is about what I don't care about.
Creativity: I believe that God appreciates the creations of his creatio…