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That was me crying. 

A few days ago I found a gray hair.  Yes, I am getting old.  Early too I suppose.  The average female doesn't start getting gray hairs until she is around 35.  I am only 24. 

Usually I tell Michael when terrible things happen to me.  For some reason I couldn't bring myself to this time. 

I looked in the mirror and saw a weird light colored hair.  I figured I was just crazy and ignored it until the next time I noticed it.  Then I pulled it out and sure enough there was like an inch of grayish hair above the dark brown hair.  It was right at the front of my hair so I could see it really easy.  Now I am wondering how many others I have that I can't see. 

This is how I will look old.  And wearing make-up.  And with bangs just for the heck of it.
Well now I guess dying my hair isn't just a fun thing to do, its a necessity.  Now I just have to figure out how to convince Michael of that without telling him I am going to look like an elderly person if I don…

Animals are NOT People!

This post is not intended to offend anyone, if it does I am sorry, but this is my blog and I can post what I want.  Well unless its illegal, but I don't really do anything illegal so I am not to worried.

First of all, this post is not stemming from anyone I know, although I do know people who also make me think of this.  This is all brought on by a book I read.

In the book, the main character is one of those people that chooses to remain childless.  At first I thought this was a stupid thing to do.  Then I saw how she treated her animals and decided that since this was a true story, the world was DEFINITELY better off without her children in it.  More on that in a second.

Okay, so this lady referred to her animals as her children.  Repeatedly.  Why, oh why do people do this?  Animals are animals, people are people.  Hopefully most people are aware of this, or else eating meat could become a dangerous thing.

As someone who appears unable to have children, I can see why people might…

Lent and Such

So its been awhile since I posted.  Part of that is because I made up my own version of Lent.  Part of it is because I am kind of obsessed with my new "mini job".

For Lent, instead of giving up one thing for the whole time, I am doing one week of a number of things.  First it was soda, then the internet (hence my lack of posting), right now I am getting up early to read the Bible, next week no sweets, the next week no salty snacks, and then the week before Easter its all of the above.

Unfortunately I am not good at Lent.  By this I mean that other than the Bible reading, depriving myself of things doesn't help me to dwell more on God and Jesus.  I know that is what it is supposed to be doing, but mostly I just whine because I am a selfish brat.  But if its the thought that counts, I'm good.  I want to be a better Christian, but I am really lousy at it.  I think I am going to keep getting up early to read the Bible, I mean what is an extra ten minutes of sleep anyways…

Baby Fever

Usually baby fever refers to wanting a baby. I have had baby fever for like 6 years now. However Michael and I seem to be suffering from various versions of baby fever this month.Heat is not good for sperm. So of course my husband decided now was a good time to get the flu or something that gave him a fever. It only lasted for a few hours and it wasn't super high but in my mind his spermies are all dead now. On Tuesday I go in for my second appointment, including a post-coital test. I told them he had had a fever, and they said it wouldn't matter but I read online it can take up to three months for them to recover in a reproductive sense. Whatever I guess.  I am just worried that with our already abysmal fertility a fever will make my test results even worse.As for me, my morning temperatures have been quite high. Actually my temperature was 99.5 last night according to my friends nifty new temporal thermometer we were playing with. I am pretty sure I have not ovulated. After …


So I am going to take Clomid.  I am excited about this, and if it works I am going to be a LITTLE annoyed with the midwife I went and saw last year who wouldn't give it to me because Michael has bad counts.  Because if it works that would mean that it probably would have worked before and then I should be having a baby around now instead of paying loads of money to get pregnant.  But that is besides the point.

Clomid is only 5 pills, taken over the course of 5 days.  You would think they would be rather side-effect free.  They are not.  I have not started taking them yet, but I had to read up on them of course.  Well I mean they put the information in the package with the medicine, I think you should read it.  The fact that I then went online and spent hours reading the same things over and over again is irrelevant.

List of side-effects:
Hot flashes - 10% of women get them on Clomid I guess.  YAY a menopause preview!Bloating and cramps - I love feeling fat and in painWeight gain - …

My Husband Is Mean

So I don't really hang out with anyone.  Or rather not with a variety of people.  But I try and branch out every once in a while. 

About a week ago Michael and I had people over.  By people I mean not one of the two couples that we have over on a regular basis. 

I thought we had a good time.  They ate the food I cooked, said it was good, we had an abundance of dessert because they brought cookies and I made brownies.  Then we played games (board and video).

They went home.  Then Michael decided it was time to make me sad.  He asked how I thought it went, and I said I thought it was fun, and everyone had a good time.  He looked at me and was like oh, I don't think they had fun.  He wasn't really trying to make me sad, he just chose a bad time to do that honesty thing. 

I told him that if they didn't have fun it was his fault for making us play Parcheesi instead of Apples to Apples.  Next time we have people over, he should keep his mouth shut afterwards.

*If the pers…

The Doctor Visit

Last Monday I went to a very expensive appointment.  I;m oretty sure we spent more time in the car on our way to the office then we did AT the office.  First we waited.  Then we waited a little more.  This was our fault, because we were late.  Being late was NOT our faylt, it was major metropolitan traffic's fault.

When we finally got called back, it was question time.  The doctor asked me about six million questions.  He asked Michael about four.  Now I am going to be honest here.  This man is not my favorite person (the doctor, Michael is in the top 3 at least LOL).  While he isn't unpleasant by any means, he does seem to be pretty full of himself.  For instance, last year when I went to an open house and told him I had seen a midwife about the fertility stuff, he told me that if I wanted to waste my time that was my choice.  That wasn't verbatim, but you get the idea.  My husbands co-worker went to him to I guess, and he refused to acknowledge that it wasn't her fau…