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Why I Should Have Been Born Like 60 Years Before I Was.

I was born in the wrong era.  For one thing, I would LOVE to wear the pretty dresses they used to wear.  Today's styles are fairly awful.  We were driving down the road last Saturday and my husband asked me if two people walking were girls.  There were dressed in normal jeans and tank tops and didn't look dyke-y or anything.  If girls wore skirts and dresses, you could easily tell if someone is male or female, and as androgyny REALLY bothers me, I would appreciate that.  Another shallow fashion related reason is the hair.  While it wasn't necessarily nicer looking, it was much more put together than today's bed head or flat ironed styles.

I also wish we were still proper.  I would love it if we still wore hats and gloves out of the house.  Wouldn't the atmosphere at Wal-Mart and WinCo be nicer if most of the customers were wearing dresses, hats and gloves?  Personally I can't even manage to be embarrassed to leave the house in my pajamas (Have I ever mentioned I…

Everything In Moderation - NOT!

I do everything in binges.  I take 3 weeks between blog posts, then I post 3 all in one day.  I earn money on ChaCha $10 in one day, then about $3 the rest of the week.  I clean my house al in one day, then don't do much for the rest of the week.  One thing I don't binge on is food, but thats just because I love to eat, so doing it all at once is not near as satisfying as grazing all day.

Lately I have been binging on sewing.  Just for the last day or two.  But I have (almost) finished four baby dresses with two matching head scarves, I am working on a vintage style dress (which will look ridiculous because I had to buy fabric from two different stores, and black is not always black I guess), another skirt, and a baby skirt.  Then I will probably put my sewing machine away and not take it out for another month or two.  Or not, because Joann's is moving, and they are not moving any of their stuff, so its all going to be on sale.  I am hoping that I can get some awesome deal…