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The Best Android Apps

I have a smartphone.  I am to poor to have service on it, but it was free and I am home all the time so I use it on my wi-fi.  It is SUPER!  Everything works except the phone part (but you can download nettalk and then you can call people, but they can't call you and it sounds like crap) and Skype.  I don't use Skype, so I don't really care.
I have WAY to many apps.  But some of them are awesome.  Here they are in Alphabetical order.
Alchemy - a weird game, but its really fun.  Well until you get stuck and give up temporarily like a have for the moment. Angry Birds - you throw birds at pigs and try and smush them.  Its way cooler then it sounds.  Also try Angry Birds Seasons for some themed fun.
Bible by YouVersion -  best Bible app I have found.  Has interactive reading plans, works on the phone and the computer.  Bubble Blast - you pop bubbles.  Four versions: original, 2, holiday, and Valentine's
CardioTrainer - tracks your calories burnt and how far you walked, I use th…

Soda & Macaroni

Originally this post was going to be titled "I <3 Netflix".  Now its not.  I think after you read this you will see why.  Now Netflix will get another post, because this one didn't get to the point.

I am pretty cheap.  This post is all about my two favorite guilty pleasures :)

Sure I have my little indulgences, but in general I don't spend more than $5 at a time.  Usually closer to $1.  Honestly, I just love soda and tend to buy one pretty much everyday.  It is disgusting, and adds unthinkable amounts of calories to my diet, but no matter how often I say I am quitting, temptation gets the better of me.  I think I am going to temporarily "go Catholic" and give it up for Lent.  That way I will actually stick to it.

The worst part about my soda habit is the fact that I refuse to drink it out of anything but a Styrofoam cup.  The environmental impact is probably unbelievable.  But if you start on Styrofoam cups, you can never go back.  They keep it cold all …

A Visual Representation of My Last 47 Cycles

So I have known for a while that I am broken, but in preparation for my fertility visit I decided to play with Excel during naptime and make some lovely charts.  Even if you didn't know what you were looking for you would know this isn't right I think.  Please keep in mind I learned how to do these like ten years ago and have not had a reason to use them since, so they kind of suck, but they are quite colorful!
The first one is just my cycle lengths, which is obviously not very regular.  Especially since I am on cycle day 51 with no period in sight right now.
This next one is my luteal phase.  I don't keep track of this every cycle, but just so you know, in normal fully functioning girls it is the same every month, ideally around 14 days.
This is the day on which I ovulate, or the length of my follicular phase, which isn't always the same, like the luteal phase, but this is fairly ridiculous.
This next one isn't very interesting, its just how long my period lasts.  I h…

I Am A Masochist.

mas·och·ism (ms-kzm)

1. The deriving of sexual gratification, or the tendency to derive sexual gratification, from being physically or emotionally abused.
2. The deriving of pleasure, or the tendency to derive pleasure, from being humiliated or mistreated, either by another or by oneself.
3. A willingness or tendency to subject oneself to unpleasant or trying experiences.
See as how I am not a pervert, nor do I derive pleasure from pain, I was more aiming for definition #3. Today I took a pregnancy test.  I waited until I was 20 days late.  I am on cycle day 47.  My longest previous cycle was 45 days last month.  I have been having lots of cramping but no bleeding, and I REALLY want ramen and peanut butter.  This was my best shot at a positive pregnancy test.  It was (of course) negative. I knew it would be.  After 47 cycles without getting pregnant its a pretty good bet.  I am NOT a gambler, but I would totally put money against me getting pregnant any given month.  A pretty good am…

45 Days.

Tomorrow will be cycle day 45.  Which means that it will be as long or LONGER than my last cycle, which was my record breaker.  I do NOT want super long cycles.  I do NOT want to wonder if I am pregnant for 2 weeks LONGER then usual.  I do NOT want to have half as many chances every year to try to get pregnant.  I DO NOT WANT TO SPEND A FORTUNE ON OVULATION PREDICTION KITS.  Once I start my IUI stuff I have to test for ovulating.  Usually I don't bother, I just take my temps to know when I ovulated (which I -unfortunately- have not been doing lately or I would know when my seemingly unending cycle was going to be over).  I cover my baby-making bases just in case, so knowing when I ovulate isn't really important.  When a syringe is going to impregnate me I can't just have the procedure done every so often to make sure I don't miss it. 

OPKs are a pain in the butt to read, so I planned on getting the sweet digital ones, because they give you a smiley face when they are …

Antibiotics are Evil

So I am not really very good at posting at regular intervals, but I try and remember to do it every once in a while.  After all, if I go to long without posting no one will remember to even read it, and that would make me sad.

Today I was reading an article about the dangers of antibiotics.  It is a long article, I think everyone should read it, but since I am sure that you will skip over parts of it (I know I did) and I don't want you to miss what I thought were the "highlights" of it, I will make you a handy-dandy list of why you should avoid antibiotics whenever possible.  It also gives me a chance to do fun stuff with bullets.  For some reason I love formatting :) 
Antibiotics bring on fungal and yeast infections thus will eventually be seen as a major cause of cancer since more and more oncologists are seeing yeast and fungal infections as an integral part of cancer and its cause. Two studies in the recent past have shown an association between the use of antibiotic…