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My First StitchFix Box

  I am sure you all know about StitchFix by now!   You fill out your style profile, they send you a box of five items their stylists (and extensive computer algorithms) think will fit your style. I got a free $100 credit to use, from using my friend's referral link which meant I didn't have to pay a styling fee ($20, which is applied to any purchase you make from the box).  The links provided here will give a referral bonus to my sister once I set them up, since I have already maxed out my referral limit for the year. Anyways.  I spent the week between ordering my fix and receiving the package in the mail checking my personalized shop and USPS tracking alarmingly often.  I was SOOO excited to see what I would get. When it arrived (right on time!) I opened it up and pulled out the most comfortable sweater in the whole wide world.  Unfortunately, it also looked like I gained 20 lbs when I put it on.  Between the bulky (wonderful) fabric, and the loose fit, it was the opposite of
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Reading Horizons Review

A long time ago, and I mean A LONG TIME AGO, I received some curriculum to try.  It was called Reading Horizons Discovery, and it is designed to teach children, between 4 and 9 years old, how to read. I was supposed to review it, and honestly, there have been a couple of points in time where I got super excited about all the products that people would send me to review, and ended up really, really overwhelmed and didn't manage to review them all. I used this quite some time ago, with a little girl I used to baby-sit, and didn't get very far because she started preschool and our time together was shortened.  I will do my best to give a proper review from what I remember. The program comes with 6 guides, a number of flash/review cards, a games supplement, posters, and story books for each level. It is an incredibly thorough program, and very easy to teach, with it all scripted out for you in the guides.  A lot of work is done on a white board, and there are no workboo

God’s Crime Scene for Kids by J. Warner and Susie Wallace - A Review

Apologetics is something I have recently become interested in, and honestly didn't even really know what it was until the last year or two.  Since I have discovered this topic, I have wondered why more people don't talk about it on a regular basis and teach it to people more often. I have read a few books on the matter in that time, including God's Crime Scene for Kids.  I think it is fantastic that people are writing books to deepen children's faith and their ability to defend it.  When children are little, they take your word as truth, but as they get older, they can sometimes start to question things.  With books like God's Crime Scene for Kids, you can preemptively give them the answers they are seeking, or point them in the right direction when the question arise. This book doesn't talk down to children at all, and it uses a "real life" mystery to mirror the "mystery of creation".  It is a fun, child-friendly mystery, not a grit

3 Common Myths About Waist Training

Soooo.  I got my gorgeous corset from Orchard Corset a few months back.  I seasoned it, I loved it, I wrote about it . Then I got a job baby-sitting at someone else's house.  Which left me either a) not waist training, b) wearing my corset 10+ hours a day (which some people do) and/or messing with it as someone else's house, or c) wearing it in the evenings. See how it pushes away from my body at the top? That is because I don't wear it enough to tighten it at the top without bending the boning. The more you wear a corset the better it looks, feels, and fits! As the lazy person I am, you can probably guess which option I took.  Then I came back home to baby-sit, but now it has been 90 degrees most days, and I just haven't wanted to lace up! However, I still got my corset for free from Orchard Corset, and I feel like I should really attempt to keep up my end of the bargain better than I have been.  But since I don't really have any update pictures, w

Sunshine, Crabs, Sand, and Volcanoes - A Very Exciting Island!

I am going to share the rest of my Alphabet Island pictures.  For June, Mother Goose Time sent us curriculum designed around an theme, and it really was a lot of fun until I got off of my schedule. In this first set of picture, my son is creating a picture of the sun.  With rays coming off of it.  Unfortunately all I can see is sperm, but hey that is what I get from my years of infertility I guess? One day we made crabs.  Little Guy was irritated (again) that I cut out the shapes for the littler boys so they look more "professional" than his.  Buy I really think that cutting them himself is important, so I make him push through.  We were supposed to put either sand or tiny rocks in them, but since I didn't think the people I baby-sit for would want sand or rocks all over the house we just left them empty. The blue and tan pictures are sand pictures.  I thought the cellophane was a fun touch.  I love that Mother Goose Time always sends a variety of diff

Its Either Sailboats or Wind - Mother Goose Time

Have I ever mentioned before that I am A WRECK without a schedule.  Yeah, I am sure I have, many, many, many times.  Anyways, I had a pretty good run of getting everything done, then the boys I baby-sit started coming to my house, throwing off the routine I had gotten into (although I really prefer it this way).  After that my mom came to visit for 3 weeks (YAY!).  During the time my mom was here, free lunch at the park started.  Needless to say my house is a mess and Mother Goose Time is not being done daily and blogging isn't being done regularly.  Okay, that is the end of my explanation/excuse. *Confession: I lost the Teacher's Guide to Alphabet Island, between bringing it back and forth from baby-sitting and completely cleaning out my homeschooling cupboard I have no idea where it went.  So none of the Alphabet Island activities will have names anymore unless I find the guide.* This is the set-up for the Invitation to Create.  The boys were making Sailboats.  Poo

Why I Choose Christian Light Education Homeschool Curriculum

Last summer I decided that I was going to homeschool our foster daughters while they were on summer vacation.  There were two reasons for this: 1) Two of the three girls were behind academically.  I really hoped that by working through the summer we could help them get on track for the next school year.  They left our house soon after school started, so I don't know how well it worked. 2) I don't allow my children much in the way of screen time, and these girls were accustomed to having TV and tablets in their rooms all the time.  So they never really knew what to do with themselves.  I figured school work for the morning would help with that dilemma. Choosing a curriculum was difficult for me.  I know that some people bounce around and change curriculum a lot, but whatever I got, I hoped I would like enough to use the non-consumables with Little Guy.  I don't like wasting money, and I hate the idea of some topics falling through the cracks because different curricu