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Garage Sales! Or: What Can I Get For $9? Or: What Am I Willing To Pay For Other Peoples Trash

Good deals make me happy inside. Its pathetic, but very true. Garage sales are super fun to me, but as I rarely have cash, I don't often go.

This weekend I had some cash, and it was burning a hole in my pocket, and the sun was burning some color into my pasty skin, and I thought I ought to go see what kind of stuff people were selling in their driveways.

I think I got some good stuff. My poor husband thinks I got more crap to stuff into our ever shrinking room.

$3 for an air popper! An almost new one that was bought last Christmas! And it doesn't spin around in circles on the counter like its possessed like the one I bought at Goodwill five years ago (Wow, I am always reminding myself that I am old).
$0.50 for a pair of little boys Converse. These were for Brittany, but still an awesome deal! And last summer we got a smaller pair from the same peoples garage sale.
$1.50 for three photo albums. They are just the little slide the photos in kind, but since my dad has about 10 m…

3D Movies... The Coolest Thing Since... 3D Movies

I think 3D movies are cool. I really do. But why is there such a big hoopla about them? Apparently people were smart enough in the 50's to figure out they are a fad that soon dies out. But now we are falling for it like crazy.

What is fun at Disneyland is expensive and gives you a headache all the time. Last time I went to see a movie (Shrek 4) all but ONE of the movies advertised was in 3D. That is an extra $3 per person every time someone sees a 3D movie.

But you get a sweet pair of Buddy Holly glasses, that you can recycle or take home as a souvenir. But you can't bring them back. At least not for a discount, even though they claim the extra charge is for the glasses.

Then they make 3D TVs. I'm sure you want to pay an extra $300+ for your TV to do what a pair of paper glasses can do for $1. Oh, and that won't cover the 3D glasses. Yeah, you have to shell out another $150 or so dollars if you and your honey want to watch it. Got kids? $150 for every two of them tha…

Things I Want to Do

This is a list. A weird list because some things are important, and some of them are random, but still, all things I want to do...

*be pregnant
*give birth
*have a baby
(yes I realize that all of these could be the same, but they also can all happen independently i.e. miscarriages, c-sections, adoption)
*make myself a dress that looks pretty
*move out of my mother-in-laws house
*buy a house
*build a house
*knit something that doesn't look like crap
*crochet something that doesn't look like crap
*finish reading the Bible
*visit another country at least one more time
*learn a second language to a conversational level
*have a garden
*have a clothesline
*make a quilt
*be a wonderful housewife, who keeps a clean house and feeds her family well rounded meals
*breastfeed at least one baby at least 2 years
*raise a good Christian family

Well thats it... I don't have super lofty goals, I don't want to be rich or famous, or travel around the world. I don't want to do excitin…

Brittany Said My Blog Was Missing Something...

Pictures! So I am adding my first picture.

This is a picture of my revised dress. After I cut out all the seams and redid them. Its pretty bad, and everyone seems to agree it needs a sash, so thats going to be my next project. Should be super easy!

Making Clothes for Giants...

My wonderful husband bought me a sewing machine.

I suck at sewing. But its fun, so I do it anyway. So far I had just made a baby dress and matching booties because I was afraid making something for me would be alot harder. But today I decided that I would just go ahead and do it, seeing as how I had already cut out the pieces.

I measured myself, I really did. And to my immense disappointment it told me I was a size 12 (usually I am a size 3-5). But I sucked it up and cut out the pattern in size 12, after all I wanted it to fit.

Now I did not do a good job putting this dress together, and I don't know how to do zippers so I cheated on the back and just used bias tape to make ties. The armholes don't line up and I didn't do the neck facing or casing or whatever they call it, because, like zippers, I don't know how. But I would have worn it in all its wretchedness. Except apparently I am not a size 12. Because even with super extra big seams (like over an inch) on both …