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Menopause and Fertility

Clomid failed me for the fourth time last cycle.  Actually it made me ovulate on time and I barely spotted before my period, so it kinda did what it was supposed to but, still not pregnant.  I mean I didn't expect it to work, but I was hoping.  Kind of like how after 59 cycles of trying to get pregnant I am pretty sure I know that I am not going to, but every month I am just sure this is my month.  You know until I start bleeding to death from my girl parts.

So I was all out of Clomid and still not pregnant, so I decided to try Soy Isoflavones.  Supposedly it works like Clomid but its natural.  In case you don't know, Clomid makes your body think it needs to produce more estrogen.  You take it just the same as Clomid but a double dose.

I looked all over for Soy Isoflavones, but the only place I could find them (the health store was closed) was in supplements for menopausal women.  I, of course, bought them.

I'm not sure they worked, as my temperature have been really wonky…


I have not posted in figuratively FOREVER!  (notice the use of figuratively, not literally?)

Usually people say things like, of I have been so busy, or my computer was broken or something.  But I am just going to be honest.  I am a lazy procrastinator.

Plus I am uninspired.  I don't know why, sometimes I have like a zillion ideas for posts and I write them all up, then I type them and set them up to publish on different days so it looks like I am posting often.  I think that not having notebooks is throwing off my blogging.  I don't like to just type up my entries.  I like to write them down on paper, edit them (I know my posts are pretty crappy for being edited twice before I publish them) so they flow better and THEN type them up.  Plus I can write in a notebook whenever I get the urge, but I can only type if the computer is not being used and the kids are gone/napping.  But I packed all my notebooks.  I really thought I left one out, but I don't know where it went if I …