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Bird Bodies with Mother Goose Time

April has not been a particularly productive month for us.  I was going to say homeschooling-wise, but then I realized that it was pretty unproductive overall judging by how my house looked most days this month.

Yesterday, on the homeschooling front anyways, we did some serious catching up on our Mother Goose Time.  Instead of doing one day's activities, we did a whole weeks worth!  There are only a couple of days left in April, so we are doing marathons!
Little Guy was a little perturbed by the fact that we skipped all of the art projects, because, while art projects are his favorite part most days, they are also the most time consuming and therefore not conducive to productivity numbers.  However, I have warned him that if he can't participate nicely in Mother Goose Time, I will have to have them stop sending it to us.  This isn't because I am mean, but because I need to be able to blog regularly.  I think he had this in mind because he participated perfectly, with no a…

April is For the Birds with Mother Goose Time

We have not had a great month with Mother Goose Time.  I was really excited about this month, and the activities were so, so fun!  Sadly, between taking a few days off to visit friends, and my getting lax on consistent discipline, we have not gotten much done, and we are more than halfway through the month.

Little Guy was getting really good at obeying, after I finally got consistent, but since he was doing so well, I got lax again, and when I get bad at parenting, he gets bad at obeying.  Now we are back to square two, which is a little better than square one, but not where I like to be.

What does this have to do with Mother Goose Time?  Well, every time we get started, after a few minutes, he decides he doesn't want to obey.  Like today.  We were playing a game where he rolled the pocket cube, and then either colored in a matching egg, or did an action, depending on what he rolled.  He did great at it.  His coloring was better than ever, he matched everything perfectly, and was…

Waist Training with Orchard Corsets

I know what you are thinking, "Why is she posting a picture of a burrito on a post about corsets?" Well, although this LOOKS like a burrito, it is actually how a corset from Orchard Corset arrives.  I was incredibly busy the day that my corset arrived, so this was the only way I was able to get a picture of the pretty packaging before ripping it open.

As soon as I got the package out of the mailbox I was completely astounded by how heavy it is!  I don't have a lot of experience with foundation garments, but my only other corset I have owned was not even half the weight of this one.  This corset has real steel bones, so it can be used for waist training.

What is waist training?  It is the process of slowly, and gently, reducing your waist to a smaller than natural size.

I know what you are thinking: "Why does that corset fit her so terribly?" 

Because apparently corsets are like cast iron pans, and you must season them.  You can't just put it on when you g…