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Yes, There Is Even More To Say About Diapers

So in the last few days I have read two potty training books (Yeah, its kinda weird, but think about what a prepared mommy I will be, plus I baby-sit so its good to know anyways) which have taught me SOOOO much more about the importance of cloth diapers, as well as the importance of early potty training!

I'll just focus on diapers, but I will probably end up spouting off about the wonderful world of infant potty training/elimination communication/natural infant hygeine.

People in the USA used to start potty training really early. Like two or three months old. This was back when there were no disposable diapers, and no automatic washing machines. When washing machines got to be more popular, good old Dr. Spock suggested waiting longer to potty train, like 9 months old or so. In 1957 half of all babies started potty training by 9 months old.

Then Pampers came out. In 1961 Dr. Brazelton (who's name is really familiar to me for some reason) signed up to sing Pampers praises. He then said that it was important to make sure that children are emotionally, physically, and psychologically ready to potty-train. This would be around 2 1/2 years old. Gee, do you think maybe Pampers benefited from Dr. Brazelton's research (which if you read Early Start Potty Training you will find is fairly flawed)?

Thats a pretty good reason to not use disposable diapers for me (or at least Pampers).

Diaper rash! Did you know diaper rash is actual ammonia burns from urine? It used to be considered a serious sign of neglect, and only 7% of babies suffered from it. Now its up around 78% and not considered a big deal.

Male infertility and undescended testicles have coinsided with the rates of children in disposable diapers.

Dioxin is a by-product of disposable diaper making. Dioxin is a carcinogen and also causes nerve damage. Organotins are toxic compounds found in many disposable diapers, often in the absorbant gel. They cause immune system harm and have been found to be the cause of Toxic Shock Syndrome in tampon users.

On average, disposable diaper wearers take an additional year to potty train. The reason it takes so long is because the baby/child can't feel when they are wet. This is also why they have so much diaper rash, because its hard to tell when they are wet, and they don't complain about it because its not uncomfortable.


  1. Great post. I have used disposable and cloth diapers. Oddly, Chloe still got diaper rash, even with cloth diapers. She just had really sensitive skin. Samuel on the other hand has only had diaper rash once. They do make "green" disposables that don't have all those nasty chemicals in them. I usually get them at Whole foods. There's also gdiapers which is a hybrid of cloth and disposable. They are pretty great. Here's a link to their site: I think cloth diapers are great but they aren't always practical. gdiapers are great for when you are on the go.

  2. I have seen gdiapers, and think they are pretty cool. I don't have any experience with cloth diapers since I was 7 and my brother wore them (also lots of diaper rash, I think because my mom only had those plastic pants that don't breathe at all) so I didn't want to talk about specific diapers since my knowledge all comes from books. Thats why I didn't say anything about all-in-ones vs. pocket diapers vs. prefolds, etc. Thanks for reading my blog :)

  3. I have to say, that picture of diaper rash made my buttocks clench! Ouch!

    Good info though! I am definitely learning a lot about babies from you and in all seriousness, babies scare me a little bit. I never have any contact with them (I've only held one once or twice) so knowing all of this helps me for the future.

    Reading this, I feel like I want to give cloth diapers a try when I have a baby. May be a little messier but if it's cheaper and better for the baby, I'm all for it!

  4. Yeah, its a pretty wicked diaper rash, although when I searched for the pictures there were tons that were WAY worse looking, but generally included close-ups baby privates, which was a little intense for my blog.

    I'm glad you are learning from my blog! Although I have no first hand parenting experience, I have read enough to write my own book (that due to having no experience no one would publish)! My blog will probably be lots of baby information interspersed with my crafts and random rants :)

    If I manage to have a baby before you, you can hold my baby for practice :) I'll just meet you outside the vacant video store for baby-holding LOL.

    Oh, and I have a whole box of cloth diapers that you could try out, as long as we both didn't have a size small baby at the same time.

  5. nice realy nice her

  6. Yeah,, I have new baby that still 20 days life and I think your post so usefull for me and my son..


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