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More Vintage Advertising - Parents' October 1947 (4)

Remember that you can click on the pictures to see them bigger!  Also, I LOVE vintage ads, magazines, clothes, games, books, etc.  I just also love to snark on it.  Because sometimes it is pretty ridiculous  :)
I have never actually heard of Trimfoot Shoes, but they still exist, apparently they distribute under other brands.  One such brands is Baby Deer, which is a pretty cute name I think.  I also think it is funny that in this ad they say they are for babies and preschoolers, but in the paragraph they say they are for kids from birth to teens.

You can't get an encyclopedia from Encyclopedia Britannica anymore, they are strictly an online company.  Which is sad, but makes lots of sense.  The internet has made us lazy.  I remember being in school and finding books excerpts, magazine articles and encyclopedia entries posted online to use as my references when a report required multiple types of references.  So Encyclopedia Britannica just made it even easier for lazy people like me.

You can still buy Presto Cookers.  I have never actually used a pressure cooker.  I don't think I have ever even seen someone use a pressure cooker, and I am 99% sure I have never eaten anything that was pressure cooked.  But apparently it is quite the time saver.  Plus its really handy to have one when canning.

As anyone that has kids around them on a regular basis knows, Carter's is still very much around.  They even make separate "off brand" brands for Wal-Mart, Target, and probably other stores.  Just One You at Target, Child of Mine at Wal-Mart, and apparently also the Genuine Kids (again only at Target) and Osh Kosh lines.  One of the selling points in this ad is that they are "sweet without ironing".  They also say they are underwear.  I have a hard time believing that there was ever a time that mothers ironed baby undergarments.  It seems a little unnecessary.  But if they did: kudos to them, they are better housewives then I will ever be!

Dy-Dee Doll is no longer with us, although Effanbee was around until 2002, when they went bankrupt and were purchased by Robert Tonner dolls.  I kind of love that Dy-Dee blows bubbles.  

General Electric still makes appliances.  I love that the mom and the daughter have matching aprons, so cute!   This washer claims to be all-automatic, but it appears you have to use a wringer, so I am not sure how automatic it really is...  Isn't it crazy to think that "All you do is set the controls once.  All by itself it soaks, washes, rinses, damp dries, shuts off, and cleans itself." was once a "revolutionary" selling point?  Also, does anyone know what the appliance on the right is? 

Look a bag-less vacuum!  You can still get a Filter Queen today, and honestly the vacuum is really pretty.  And not nearly as slutty looking as the Filter Queen pictured in this ad.  I mean, did they make mini dresses that short in 1947?

Look at that baby, scolding his mom about the drafts.  I would be a little more concerned that my mom left me naked in a drafty house in the middle of winter than that she didn't have a portable electric steam radiator.  Also I didn't know teddy bears were known to be cross.

Anyone else feel like this One-A-Day ad is a little over the top?  And it seems like they are a little TO excited for vitamins, but hey, a vitamin D deficiency can really mess with you right?  I like how they make it seem like vitamins are magical dancing pills, but then say they don't want you to have the wrong idea about them.  I guess they want SOME truth in advertising.  I do think it is nice that they heavily advertise their money back guarantee.  I also like that they say you can't "lick your weight in wild-cats".  Because that is a weird thing to say...

I love baby food.  I really do.  But I don't want to try Pineapple Rice Pudding.  Apparently no one else does either, because Beech-Nut no longer makes it.  I do like that they say "always packed in glass", because they now pack in pouches too, so I feel like they didn't feel that firmly about using glass.  And I refuse to believe that "enriched farina" is a healthy food at all.


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