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My Mini Scientist - Mother Goose Time

Mother Goose Time offers ample opportunity to learn about every subject you can think of for preschoolers.  Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Bible, Reading, and of course, Science.  This summer we will have a whole month dedicated to Science, which I am pretty excited about, but Bubbles, Boats and Floats had quite a few awesome experiments we did last week.

This first series of pictures is of an activity called Bubble Sock.  While he was eating breakfast I cut the bottom off of a plastic bottle and put a sock over the top, which he was very curious about, but I was quite vague in answering his questions.

After breakfast we did the activity. 

Little Guy "reading" the instructions

Dipping the bottom of the bottle in the bubble solution.  He has no idea what is going to happen next.

SO many bubbles!!! 
This was really fun.  When he first blew in the bottle the bubbles just fell off the end of the sock and he didn't notice what was going on at all.  So I took it from him and showed him what was happening.  After that he was pretty excited.  It was all fun and games until he sucked IN instead of blowing OUT and got a mouth full of bubbles.  He was not impressed with eating bubbles, but was still mad that the activity was over. 

I am not sure if he had more fun blowing the bubbles, or watching them fall on the floor.

Our next experiment was called Bubble Science.  We did something similar back in December with Fizzy Ice, but he wasn't particularly interested.  Back then I realized that if I left out the food coloring, he could do the experiment himself, rather than just watching me.  It was a big hit this time.  I put baking soda in 11 of the muffin tin spots, and filled the last one with vinegar.  I don't think you need a lot of explanation here.

It was really cute to watch him, he had a really hard time with the eyedropper at first, he liked to put it in, squeeze it, take it out, then let go.  He picked up on the idea after I showed him a few times.  He was very sweet, and initiated taking turns with me.

I love these simple science experiments.  For adults they are silly, but for kids they are educational and entertaining. 

Mother Goose Time is provided to Little Guy and I free of charge in exchange for sharing our experiences (and experiments!) with everyone!


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