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God Wants Us To Listen

Every month our Mother Goose Time kit comes with the Experience God add-on pack.  This pack includes a teacher's pack that has a Bible verse poster, story cards, and story-telling set, and a guide.  There is also a child's pack for each student, and it has craft supplies for four projects, as well as family newsletters for each week.

I am incredibly impressed with the way Mother Goose Time ALWAYS ties the Experience God kit into the regular curriculum.  It is so cohesive!  In March our theme was Discover the Desert, and our Bible story was Moses in the Desert.  April was Bees and Butterflies, and we learned about the Easter Story.  May was Bubbles, Boats, and Floats and Catching Fish was our Bible story.  This month we were learning about A to Zoo Animals, so our Experience God theme was, of course, Noah and the Ark.

Two fun activities we did this month that connected our Bible study with learning were Animals 2 x 2 and a God's Promises board game.

The board game was included in the child's pack this month, so if you had more than one student, each one would get to take it home to share/play with his family.  It was very simple gameplay, and Little Guy would have had no problem playing it by himself if I had planned ahead and the cube didn't keep falling apart.  Basically, you roll the cube, then put a token of that color on a matching spot on a rainbow.  Once it is complete you win! 

Animals 2 x 2 was super fun!  Instead of a traditional story-telling set this month, we got a set of animal cards, one for each letter.  These animals (of course) matched the ones that we learned about throughout the month.  The religious point of the game was to help the children remember what God had Noah take on the Ark, and educationally, they worked on their letter recognition and phonics.

The instructions said to make an index card for each letter, but I realized that our Teacher Tool Bag came with the perfect manipulative so I didn't have to go cut up printer paper since I don't have index cards: Letter Tiles!  I tossed the animals cards around the living room, then Little guy drew a Letter Tile.  He said the name and sound of the letter, then went and found the matching animal.

He did very, very well, but got a little bored toward the end.  A game that takes a few minutes for a class of preschoolers takes a little longer for just one child.  I employed a little reverse psychology to keep him interested.  Sometimes I told him (when I knew he knew for sure what a letter/sound was) that the next one was to hard and I didn't think he could do it.  After a few times of that I think he caught on, so I started being silly.  I would hold up a letter and then say the wrong letter, at which point he would correct me and then be happy to find the next one.  Or I would say the correct letter and the wrong sound.  Either way it helped hold his interest throughout the game.

This month I did worse at this school thing than I have before.  I keep thinking I will get better, but I keep getting worse.  Life doesn't EVER stay the same (at least not in our house), so when I think I have finally got a schedule going that works, BAM!  Something changes.  More kids in our house, summer vacation so I have five kids to homeschool instead of one, crazy numbers of appointments messing with my days...  I don't know if I will ever be good at this wife/mother/teacher thing, but I know I will keep trying!!!

*All opinions are my own.  We are supplied with Mother Goose Time and the Experience God add-on pack free of charge in exchange for our honest opinions and sharing our experiences!*


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