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Boats and a Bible Lesson

After a very fun first day of our trip to Alphabet Island this month, we were ready to learn about boats!  You can't very well set sail with out something to sail in after all!

Once again we started our day with our brand new coloring books, this time putting some "b's" on a boat before coloring it.  Little Guy said the b's were something, but I can't remember what...  I should write down notes more often.

They we did some Island Exploring, which was using our "magnifying glasses" to look at the theme poster.  On the back of the magnifying glasses there is always a question and a charades style prompt, adding to the fun.  Little Guy has always loved this part of Mother Goose Time, probably because he has always been good at it.  One of the twins actually did really well at finding the matching picture too.  I was supposed to bury the magnifying glasses in sand and have them dig to find them, but since I don't have any clean sand, and I don't think the people I baby-sit for would appreciate having sand all over their living room, we didn't do the sand thing.

Our preschool art project of the day was making a Boat Game.  The boys decorated a boat, then I taped it together for them.  I also cut out the pieces to a matching game for the little boys (Little Guy cut his own).  Then they played with the boats for a while, until they started fighting over which game pieces were whose.  Little Guy played the real game, where half the cards were spread out, then he drew one and drove his boat over to the matching piece, which I had him bring back to me.  One of the other boys matched the pieces with me but didn't play the game.

The last thing we did was a science experiment called Boat Design.  This was my favorite activity of the day because I was able to SEAMLESSLY tie it into a Bible story that Little Guy knows.  The discussion question was "What do boats carry?"  Little Guy's first response was "fish".

I, in a rare moment of brilliance, rather than scattterbrainedness, remembered the story of Jesus telling his disciples to throw the net back in the sea, and them catching 100+ fish, despite having been fishing all night with not a single catch.

We learned about this story last May, with our Experience God add-on: God is All-Powerful.  I have also read it to Little Guy in a number of Bible story books, so I knew he was familiar with it.

So I asked him, "Do you remember a story about some men that went fishing, and they didn't catch any fish.  Then when they were going home, a man on the shore said to throw the nets back over the side?"  He told me he did remember.  Then I asked him what happened when they men threw the net out.  "They got MANY fish!" he said with a smile.  After that I asked him who the man on the shore had been, and he replied, again with a smile "Our SAVIOR!"

Seriously, this mama's heart about exploded.  Then we sang one of the songs/Bible verses that we have learned by listening to Seeds Family Worship (Matthew 4:18-20), Fishers of Men.  I love Seeds Family Worship, my only complaint is that they are NIV and I really would prefer for my family, and myself, to learn the verses in KJV.  It was pretty awesome to have a spontaneous Bible lesson!

After that we talked about a few more things that boats can carry, and I delighted Little Guy by telling him it is all called "cargo", because he has a book about a big rig that talks about hauling cargo, we went outside to design our boats.  We collected a couple of nature items to use and got started.

The two year olds promptly wadded up the foil and threw it in the tub of water before wandering around the yard.  Little Guy squished his foil, floated it on the water, then carefully added a small rock to the "boat".  He then wanted to find a bigger rock, so he did.  His boat immediately sunk.  He was quite disappointed by this, and tried again, but never really got anywhere, and he wasn't very receptive to my trying to give him ideas without doing it for him.

My boat worked pretty well, what with me being old and understanding how things work better, and Little Guy kept trying to commandeer it from me.  Unfortunately, this activity did not really end well.  Little Guy got frustrated with his boat not working with the heavy rock, and upset that he was getting quite wet, and it ended in a meltdown.  Which wasn't to bad, because we were already done with all of the other activities.

I am totally loving the preschool activities that we are doing this month, and I can't wait to experience and share more!

We receive Mother Goose Time preschool curriculum free of charge each month in exchange for sharing our pictures and experiences.  All opinions are my own!


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