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Sunshine, Crabs, Sand, and Volcanoes - A Very Exciting Island!

I am going to share the rest of my Alphabet Island pictures.  For June, Mother Goose Time sent us curriculum designed around an theme, and it really was a lot of fun until I got off of my schedule.

In this first set of picture, my son is creating a picture of the sun.  With rays coming off of it.  Unfortunately all I can see is sperm, but hey that is what I get from my years of infertility I guess?

One day we made crabs.  Little Guy was irritated (again) that I cut out the shapes for the littler boys so they look more "professional" than his.  Buy I really think that cutting them himself is important, so I make him push through.  We were supposed to put either sand or tiny rocks in them, but since I didn't think the people I baby-sit for would want sand or rocks all over the house we just left them empty.

The blue and tan pictures are sand pictures.  I thought the cellophane was a fun touch.  I love that Mother Goose Time always sends a variety of different mediums to use.  Without Mother Goose Time, my children usually just get crayons.

For Shell Day we got some real seashells to count!  Little Guy is getting really good at counting, and now he can count by 1's,5's and 10's,  all the way to 100, but he still sometimes gets impatient with one-to-one correspondence, so activities like this help him learn to be patient and count correctly.

One day last week we had a little extra time because we were not doing naps (I had to take my mom to the airport mid-naptime), so I grabbed the Volcano bag.  My son doesn't really watch much television.  During the school year he watches an episode or two of The Andy Griffith Show once or twice a week when we are eating dinner in the car (My husband goes to school a couple nights a week and sometimes we join him and then get drive-thru food and go shopping), but since May I think he has watched maybe two shows, so TV is a real treat for him.  So back at the beginning of June I had told him that there was a movie he would get to watch on Volcano day, and when I brought it out, he was like "Now I get to watch the volcano movie?!?"  On Netflix they have (what I assume is) all of the Magic School Bus episodes, and that day's book was The Magic School Bus in the Volcano or something along those lines, so I had decided he could watch the show too.

But first we did a super fun experiment.  We got out a bowl and a ziploc bag.  Then we poured vinegar into the bag.  I let Little Guy pour the vinegar.  Next I laid down a couple of squares of toilet paper, which I let the other little boy put baking soda on, before I wrapped it up.  Into the bag went the little packet of baking soda, and it slowly started expanding.  At this point I realized that there was probably a reason the tub on the science experiment card was so much bigger than the one I had, and also why they said you should have eye protection.  I halted the experiment by opening the bag, then starting it over, but this time outside just in case.  The instructions said to shake the bag the second time you did it, so after remeasuring I put it in, sealed the bag, shook it, then walked away.  Within 10 seconds the bag exploded!

We have done a lot of vinegar and baking soda experiments, but this one was definitely the most fun!

Little Guy and I receive Mother Goose Time free of charge.  All opinions are our own.


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