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Rachel Is A Big Nerd

The following link is responsible for this post.  Were it not for these awesome cakes I would have sought inspiration elsewhere.

So a small part of me might be a nerdy teenage boy from the 1970's.  Eric Foreman from That 70's Show comes to mind. 

Thats right I admit it: I am a Star Wars nerd.  I blame my brother, which is a little ridiculous considering he is quite a bit younger than me.  Well not entirely.  Its my mother's fault too.  When I was little I had a movie about Ewoks and a little girl named Cindel (which I am always trying to convince Michael to let me name our daughter.  I'm sure one day she will thank him, that is if we ever manage to conceive this hypothetical daughter).  I don't actually remember it to well, but I know I liked it.   I'm pretty sure it scared the crap out of me, but I still watched it.  My mother must have thought (as I would to, due to my love for gender stereotyping) that the "other" Star Wars movies were for boys, because my sister and I never saw one.  Then my brother came around and suddenly we owned the original trilogy.  At first I thought they were dumb boy movies, but they were better than some of my brothers other choices, so I would always agree to watch them.  I fell in love.

I don't much care for the prequels.  I want to love them as much as the originals, but my heart just isn't in it.  Luke, Leia, Han Solo and the rest of the gang is just so much more interesting to watch then Anakin who we all know grows up to be the evil Darth Vader.  Its just hard to root for him when you know he grows up so poorly.

Back before the prequels came out I read an article in Disney Adventures (do they still publish that?) about them and they said that after the prequels they were going to do 3 MORE movies as sequels to the originals.  I am still waiting on those, but not holding my breathe because it was YEARS between Return of the Jedi and The Phantom Menace, so even if they do the sequels, its going to be awhile.

Now I am a nerd.  Not a full-fledged nerd.  I don't go to conventions, although I plea the fifth on whether that is a choice or a combination of not having money, having no idea where one is, and having no one to go with me.  Plus I need a sexy Leia costume, like the one she wore when she was Jabba the Hutt's slave, which could be hard to find.  Actually its not, I just found one in two seconds.  And I am just a Star Wars nerd.  I don't really know Star Trek, other then Captain Kirk and Spock from the original.  Well and until a friend told me their real names I tended to refer to Whorf as the crumply headed black guy and Data as the really pale one.  Thats next generation though.  I don't speak Klingon.  I don't play Dungeons and Dragons.  I don't play video games (watching me play something other than Sims-esque games is kinda like watching a four year old with a horrible potty mouth play).  Its just Star Wars. 


  1. Awesome post! I have definitely been getting in touch with my inner nerd as of late. In early September, Alex and I along with another couple are going to PAX 2010 up in Seattle and I am getting so excited for it. It's going to be nerdpalooza and I can't wait!

    I am not a fan of the prequels either but the original trilogy does kick a whole world ass!

    I also heard the rumor years and years ago that Lucas was planning on making another trilogy of movies to take place after ROTJ, but sadly I've seen quite a few videos and articles that say he has been denying this fact. But you never know. Star Wars is such a huge industry, I wouldn't put it past them to think about it some more. They would get big bucks out if it.


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