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Everything You (N)Ever Wanted to Know About "Mama Cloth"

Remember how I said I was a crazy hippie??  I believe I crossed the threshold from crunchy to crazy in February when I ordered some cloth menstrual pads.

I decided that it was ridiculous that I was putting all kinds of chemicals on -or even IN- a mucous membrane for at least 15% of my (non)child-bearing years!  Mucous membranes are absorbent and I don't really want to absorb extra chemicals for no good reason.  I have heard that the disposable kind are so irritating to your vaginal lining that most people bleed for a day or two less once they switch to reusable.  Since my period has a mind of its own, I highly doubt I will ever notice this...

So I decided to buy some of the reusable sort.  I thought about a Diva Cup, but didn't want to invest the $40 on something I might hate.  I knew that even if I didn't love pads I would still use them, at least sometimes.  The main problem I ran into was that they are FLIPPING EXPENSIVE!  I mean over the course of time they are much cheaper, but like cloth diapers, they are something of an investment.

After much searching, I found Amy's Rag Bag (which is actually ran by someone named Laura which confused me a lot when I got emails about my order).  Although her regular prices actually seem pretty fair, it was her sampler set that lured me in!  You get 6-8 pads for $17.50!  You can only order one of these sets because they are so discounted.  It took a long time to get the pads, because she hand makes them.  But it was great because to order the Sampler Set you fill out a little survey about what your flow is like, your size, what materials you like, and anything else you find relevant to tell her, then she custom makes you a set. 

Amy's Rag Bag also lets you trade fabric for store credit, so if you have any fabric (cotton, flannel, or hemp terry) lying around (even torn/stained cotton or flannel pajamas) you can send it in and help pay for your future orders.  I have not made another order yet because:
-My period is being weird lately and I am hardly bleeding at all
-I do laundry on a very regular basis

If you click on the button in my sidebar and then place an order, I can get a credit of $5 in my account, so if you decide to buy please use my link :)  (Alternately you can give her my username: Rachel817 in the notes section of your order.)

The pads are really pretty, and they are so comfortable its just like wearing underwear.  The giant one up there is because when my period is even a little bit heavy I have a horribly embarrassing tendency to leak out the back.  I told her that and she sent me the giant one.  So far I have had no leaks with them, but like I said my period is weird and super light lately.  They seem to be high quality, and the fastener is awesome.  No snaps or velcro, just a tab.  The ones without wings are considered boosters, or soakers, but I have used them by themselves to stretch out the time between loads of laundry.  If you choose to use a wingless one as a pad, try to make sure it doesn't flip out of your underpants and into the toilet, because then you have to fish it out and that isn't a very fun way to start your day.

You are supposed to rinse and soak them and wash them in cold water, but because I am lazy and Michael is disgusted by them, I tend to just throw them in with my towels and wash them on a sanitary (super duper hot) cycle.  They come out clean and unstained every time.  And Michael is happy because he didn't have to see a sink full of them.

Have you ever used "mama cloth"?  What did you think?  Is there some other weird, crazy, over the top thing you do? 

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  1. I bought some while I was pregnant and am using them now for lochia bleeding. I had my baby on my birthday, May 12th. I love them. I am less irritated and am saving money at the same time.

    1. How cool that you had your baby on your birthday! Congrats!

  2. I am a mom to three daughters. I wish they would consider using mama cloth because I will be spending a small fortune on pads in a few years! Kudos to you for being practical about something so natural.

    1. I feel like it needs another name. Its not just for mamas and the name isn't super appealing to teenagers! I know some companies have kits for girls that are just starting.

  3. I love my diva cup. Seriously love it :) But I still use thin liners to protect my underwear, I've seriously considered momma cloth for that purpose :)

    1. Amy's Rag Bag has a longer sample pack available for $10 if you wanted to try them. I really like them a lot.

  4. Yep, this is definitely on the list of things I never thought I'd try and now love! I have a diva cup, and like many say, it takes about 3 cycles to get used to it, and then you'll wonder why you never tried anything else! I'm loving your blog! I found it through Titus 2 Tuesdays!

    1. Thanks so much stopping by :) I really do want to try a cup but for now I'm poor and stocking to what I have.

  5. I was wondering if you tried making them yourself? I think craftster has a couple tutorials on it... I'm sure elsewhere has them as well.
    I started using the Lunette cup cause as much as I wish I could just use cloth pads, I am too much of a paranoid. (crazily enough, you posting something on fb about toxins is the reason I found them...) ((They clearance out randomly every now and than, and they run 20 instead of 40. that's how I bought mine, as I too was hesitant))
    I would NEVER go back!! My period has always been hit and miss, and they've thought I had PCOS for the better part of my life, but once I switched to the cup, my period is much more normal than it was before... I can almost know when I'll have it. A luxury I didn't have previous to using Lunette. I'm not being a commercial, I just can't seem to get anyone to listen to me about how totally amazing these things are. For the most part people are skeptical, when cups are amazing! You can leave them in all day if you are on light cycle, the seal is 100%, I do yoga all the time, no leaks! They're made of 100% silicone, which is hypo-allergenic and very sterile, plus, you can monitor how heavy or light your flow is from month to month (if that's something you're into). It's just something awesome, I hope you try one at some point. :)

    1. I have not tried making them myself. I've thought about it, but my sewing machine gets all mad at me if I sew through to many layers and starts making knots. Plus I'm not super great at tiny allowances. I'm hoping to try a cup someday, your "commercial" makes me want to try one even more.

  6. I wll never go back to store ought pads! Because of the cost, I just made my owm out of old cloth diapers and flannel. I have never used the diva cup, but I've never met anyone who regretted the purchase. Ever. My sister is a former tampon user and does not use anything else. I also just wash my pads with te rest of the laundry and never have a problem. Sometimes, it I rinse and chuck it with the wash, but nevwr leave it soaking.

  7. I have some. I have never used them. I use the Diva Cup and LOVE IT. But, I have daughters who sooner-or-later will be jumping into womanhood and this is a question I am pondering a lot.

  8. Wow you got tons of comments on this! I started using in Jan of this year. Since I coupon I rarely paid for disposable products, so it seemed like so much money when I bought some. But hopefully I have enough to last me years. I bought some from Amy's Rag Bag, and also got a sample (just pay shipping) from Party in my pants and luna pads. And I bought some used (I know seems weird) and got a lot.
    I have been soaking mine in cold water right after use and I am still getting stains :(. Not sure why.

    1. I need to get the samples from those other places! I totally understand getting used ones, even though I don't think I could bring myself to. Which seems kinda cruel since I'm totally cool with used diapers lol. I've thought about getting used ones, but I'm pretty sure I would avoid using them and it would just be a waste of money. I think the reason I don't get strains is I have a ridiculously expensive washing machine. I mean since Michael works at Best Buy we got a great deal on it, but even at a huge discount it was an absurd price. But it works AMAZING! I stuck nasty yellowed pillows in it that I had just washed in my old machine in on a deep clean sanitize cycle and they came out almost like new! It is about a two how cycle and using water and stream that is got enough to kill 99% of all bacteria and allergens. when in wash my sheets I don't even use soap, because I can't stand breathing in Tide all night.

    2. Oh my gosh in typo-ed like mad in my last post (in my defense I'm on my phone lol):
      Two hour cycle and uses water and steam hot enough to kill 99% of bacteria and allergens. When I wash my sheets I don't even use soap, because I can't stand breathing in Tide all night.

  9. We make our own in our home. Each girl has their own print (yeah, we're not brave enough to share). We are also fans of the cups as well. Once you get used to them, the store bought ones not only put you into sticker shock when you go to purchase them, but your view also changes. (You want me to put plastic *where*?)

    1. I don't think I will give my daughter cloth pads when she starts. She is my foster daughter, and I am to squemish about blood that isn't mine to deal with that. She will have to settle for the plastic until she does her own laundry! I like the idea of everyone having their own print, because sharing is a little icky (I mean not really, but in my head it is LOL).

      Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment, I really appreciate it!


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