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More Vintage Advertising - Parents' October 1947 (2)

Welcome back to Magazine Monday!  I am going to share some more advertisements from Parents' magazine.

I have heard rumors about Kodak being out of business, but it appears that they just filed for bankruptcy, and are still around.  Which is cool because they started in 1888, so it would be sad to see them go now.  This ad comes off as VERY quaint to me.  Mostly because I can take color pictures and video on my phone that requires no telephone line.  Technology is crazy!

Here we have some perhaps deviant behavior?  I mean its great that with the pressure cooker you can cook with only one hand, but why is Hubby tying up Wifey?   Are they into some weird stuff?  Does he like to torture her by making her cook with only one hand?  Either way, WearEver is still around, although probably using different advertising techniques. 

If you are super cheap or super crunchy, or just like reading blogs by people that are, you have probably heard of Fels Naptha.  It is now owned by Purex, but available in the laundry aisle of most stores.  Cheap and/or crunchy people use it to make their own laundry soap. 

 Apparently during Prohibition, Pabst decided that since they couldn't make beer, they would make cheese.  At the time of this advertisement Pabst had gone back to making beer, and Kraft actually owned and sold the Pabst-Ett, although this might have been one of the last ads since they quit making it in the late 1940's.   You learn a lot of useless knowledge from the internet.

I guess that Crosley appliances still exist too, although I have never seen them anywhere.  Then again I have never seen Hellman's mayonnaise because in my neck of the woods it is called Best Foods.  I have to say that I find 28 feet of front row food to be pretty good.  I mean I don't know what mine is, but it sure sounds like a lot!

Mmmm.  Tuna Curry.  I cannot WAIT to try that.   Just kidding.  What is most intriguing about this advertisement is that it seems to be sponsored by canned tuna in general, not just a specific brand.  Chicken of the Sea still exists, as most people know by Jessica Simpson having a blonde moment and asking if it was chicken or fish.  After having had canned chicken, I can kind of see her confusion, because they have a similar color, texture, and disturbingly enough, flavor.  White Star Tuna
is no longer around.

Sorry the picture kind of sucks on this one.  It is hard to take good pictures without ruining the binding of the magazine.  Anyways, Presteline is no longer around, but I love the idea of different burner configurations.   Some other company should "think" of that.

Karo Syrup is still going strong.  I have used it a couple times, but its greatest use is for making caramel corn.  Or one of these recipes I guess, but I don't like nuts, so I don't think I am going to try any of them any time soon.

This ad is for Arm & Hammer, and some brand called Cow, which doesn't appear to be around anymore.  I have never really thought of using it to clean glasses, but I use it for cleaning everything else, so why not?

This advertisement by Cream of Wheat is a little misleading.  Much like some of today's advertising, it is designed to look like an article, but at the very top and bottom in the fine print it says "advertisement" and "cream of wheat". 

PLEASE click on this one.  It is the most terrifying thing you will see today.  A giant baby is telling his teeny, tiny mother to use Johnson's Baby Powder and Johnson's Baby Oil.  Two products that are still growing strong today.

Johnson and Johnson had two ads in the issue of Parents', and this one frightens me a little too.  You should NEVER replace a newborn's vernix with chemical laden baby lotion.  Or even a good kind of lotion for that matter. 

This is one of my favorite ads of all time.  Nothing is new under the sun right?  You know our fancy new front loading machines?  Well they had fancy new front loading machines back in 1947.  I have no idea why they didn't catch on back then, but you can be sure they are not a new idea. 

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