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More Vintage Advertising - Parents' October 1947 (3)

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Welcome back to Magazine Monday!  Today are more ads from Parents' October 1947.  Remember, you can click on the little pictures to see them bigger and read all the small print.  Which I really think you should do!  I have more ads from Parents' and some from For Teens Only from past Magazine Mondays.

World Book still makes encyclopedias.  Assuming that you have $1000 sitting around, which I don't, you can buy all the world's knowledge.  I suppose that it would take a lot of money to pay people to write this, plus binding and etc.  Sadly (to me) the 2013 edition has a brightly colored parrot on the cover, instead of the classic look of these books.
 As far as I can tell Enameledware no longer exists.  I mean I think you can still buy enameled cookware, but not from this brand.  I think it looks really cute.
 The Upjohn Company was a pharmaceutical manufacturing firm founded in 1886.  According to Wikipedia, they eventually merged with Monsanto, and now are Pfizer.  So basically they are evil.  But they were very proud of the fact that kids were going to be taller and fatter.
 Revere Cameras was sold to 3M in 1960, so it kind of still exists.  I just like that the little girl has pretty purple flowers and seems to be sitting next to Lassie.
 Mmmmm, baby meat... Wait that doesn't sound right.  Meats for babies.  Surprise, surprise they no longer exist.  I mean I think its good to make sure babies get enough protein, but EWWWW.  Canned, pureed meat.  I am pretty sure other companies do this, but can get away with it because it isn't the focus of their company.
 Heinz still makes a tomato-y soup, but it appears that it is more for businesses than home eating.  They think you should take soup to school for lunch, in a "vacuum container", which isn't necessarily a bad idea, but seems like a difficult thing to eat out of a thermos, but that is probably just because I like to crush up saltine crackers in my tomato soup.
OH MY GOODNESS, NOT THE GERMS!!!  Lysol is still trying to terrify people into using their products.  They also put "quotation marks" around their name, which is really weird to me.  I hope they have stopped doing that. 
 I guess I just don't understand what Alka-Seltzer is for, I thought it was just for colds, but apparently it is useful for any minor ailment.  Which makes me think perhaps the placebo effect is the main way that it helps you out (not that I am knocking it, the placebo effect is awesome!).  I hate the stuff, so I guess I will never know.
 I like that shopping care they are using, but I am not a fan of margarine.  I mean why not just use butter?  If you have to advertise it as "natural tasting" why not just use something natural?  At the bottom of the ad it says that Margarine doesn't come "ready colored yellow" because of a law from the 1880's.  I am really curious now as to what this law was and when it changed, because I am pretty sure margarine is now yellow.
 This might be the most bizarre ad I have seen.  It looks like a quiz of some sort, but then talks about weird things like "outsize paws".  And even weirder:  It is an ad for Kotex...  I highly advise clicking on this one so you can read it.

 Did you know that Sunkist orange juice can help you enjoy raising four children?  I don't really know if that is true, but you can get a free booklet to find out (or you could in 1947).  I actually think this ad is pretty darn cute.  Mostly cause the Mommy and baby picture :)

 Awww.  Isn't this sweet?  It makes me want to have a super soft blanket with a baby wrapped in it.  Chatham doesn't exist anymore, but I am pretty sure you can find a similar blanket at almost any store.
I <3 Vicks VapoRub.  It is almost worth having a cold to get to use it.  My husband hates the scent, but I think it smells good, plus it really works.  Especially if you put a hot water bottle over the top of it.


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