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Disney Classics Box Set

Right now I am watching the girls dance around like crazy.  Not abnormal in my house, we are dancing fools, but today we are listening to a new CD.  It arrived via UPS this morning, and while at first I told Hadlee whatever it was was not for her, it turned out that it was a surprise for ALL OF US!

It was a sample CD from the new Disney Classics Box Set.  The Box Set has 95 songs, ranging from classic classics like Whistle While You Work from Snow White, modern classics (oxymoron much?) such as Be Our Guest from Beauty and the Beast, Disneyland songs like Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life for Me) from Pirates of the Caribbean and TV favorites from shows like Mickey Mouse Club, Lizzie McGuire, and Duck Tales.

Some of the songs on the sample CD were not hits at my house, mostly the Disneyland songs, but since they are a little less "dancy" and unfamiliar to a four year old that has not been to Disneyland that makes sense.  Sadly, so far the favorite has been the song from Tangled, but I think that will change because I recall seeing that Duck Tales and Mary Poppins songs on the list, and those are popular things to watch in this house.  Even though there are only about a dozen songs on my CD, I have a feeling it will be in frequent rotation until I can get the money for the real box set!

The Disney Classics Box Set is available for sale on Amazon for $31.74, and apparently includes a free MP3 version of all the songs that auto rip to "the cloud" when you purchase the discs.  Which is interesting because its $37.99 to buy the MP3 version of the album.  This would be a great gift for any Disney fan, young or old!  I just checked and they are currently sold out, so if you want to get one for Christmas, make sure you order soon so you can get in on the next shipment!!!!

I am participating in a blog post campaign from One2One Network and Walt Disney Records. All opinions are my own.


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