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Suuchi Custom Clothing Review

Do you have a hard time finding clothes that fit you?  Does it seem like if it fits your bust, the waist is baggy, or the hips fit, but the waist band won't button?  Clothing in the stores are made to fit standard sizes of people, without any variation.  If you are not very close to the standard sizes, you have been left with two options:
  1. Wear clothes that don't really fit
  2. Learn to alter patterns and sew your own clothes
NOW YOU HAVE A NEW OPTION: CUSTOM CLOTHING!  I have a love/hate relationship with the internet, but in the realm of shopping, it is pretty amazing.  

I was given an opportunity to review a custom made dress from Suuchi.  In exchange for a review they provided me with a free dress.  Unfortunately, because of my own tendency to avoid any possibly uncomfortable situations, I was left with a dress I can't wear.  The fabric I ordered ended up being really itchy, and if I had been an adult about it and told them that in a timely manner they would have been happy to send me a new one (turns out that fabric was just really itchy, they replaced other dresses people got and no longer use that fabric). 

So, I am reviewing the process, the company, and the customer service, not the product.

How do you order a custom dress from Suuchi?

Ordering is easy, although if you want a custom size you need to have a friend around to help you measure!  First go to their website (  At the top are different clothing categories.  Pick your category, then your item.  You can choose your fabric from the suggested choices, or go to the fabrics tab and pick any fabric, then message or call them about ordering an even MORE custom item.

Once you click on a fabric you can choose if you want a standard size (you still tell them your height) or a custom size.  If you choose a custom size, make sure you have a tape measure on hand, because you are going to measure 8 points on your body, basics like waist, and ones you don't think of, armhole measurement.

Click add to cart, then continue the checkout process.

What is awesome about Suuchi?

Suuchi is MADE IN THE USA!  They have free shipping on all orders, and orders are delivered in FIVE DAYS!  These dresses (and other items) are sewn by women (maybe men, the picture is of a woman) on Singer sewing machines, not sewn by machines that don't need people to operate them.

They also offer FREE returns, and you have 365 days, a FULL YEAR to return items!  

The dress I received is well made, like 100 times better than anything I ever made, and much sturdier looking than my usual chain store purchases.  I will post a picture of the dress in a few days, when my camera is charged again.  The women working for Suuchi are great seamstresses. 

They also seem to have awesome customer service.  Since I was not a traditional customer, I didn't contact their regular customer service, but the woman I worked with as a reviewer was amazing!  While she had every right to be irritated with me, they had sent me a dress and I never contacted them (I sound like a con artist!), she was beyond friendly.  She told me that she had been reading my blog and loved my Mother Goose Time posts, and had even recommended it to a friend based just on my blog!  When I told her I felt terrible, she told me not to worry about it.  When I finally read the messages she had sent me, they were kind and offered extensions to my review period.  If that is how they treat deadbeat reviewers, I can only imagine the AMAZING customer service they must offer to paying customers.

How much does it cost?

The dresses range from $110 - $140.  Which IS a lot more than I would usually spend on a dress.  However, most of the dresses I buy are made by severely underpaid, over worked factory workers in foreign countries.  You are not supporting good business practices, or good humanitarian practices!

Back in the day clothes were more expensive (I have watched an I Love Lucy episode where she was spending like $20 on a dress, which is like $179 in today's dollars), and people just had (a LOT) less of them.  Now we are accustomed to having a plethora of cheap, disposable clothes, so spending more is almost painful.  Hopefully in the near future we can, as a society, stop seeing things as disposable and needing to be updated every few months for no apparent reason.  

All in all, despite NOT having a dress that I can wear, I am quite happy with the experience of working with Suuchi.  They are wonderful people to work with, and make high quality clothing right here in the United States.  


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