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Six Reasons Reviews Dominate My Blog

I am a little ashamed of blog lately.  What used to be a personal blog, has morphed into a bunch of reviews.  Although my reviews do drive traffic to my blog, and I think that they can be helpful, it is a little bit lame.

I am offering some excuses for the switch, which I think are rather valid.  

  • I am not a good enough blogger to monetize.  Plus I did a blog post about being a masochist because I take pregnancy tests even though I know they will be negative, and Google flagged my blog as having adult content.  So, if I want to get anything from my blog, I have to do reviews.  The best of this has been Mother Goose Time (I am on "maternity" leave right now after getting a newborn), but I have also had an opportunity to read some very good books.  
  • Oftentimes, I suffer from writer's block.  As an infertile, the posts just flowed from me (by the way I had a very disgusting pun here that I deleted for you guys.  You are welcome!), but now that I don't really care about my infertility very often, I don't always know what to write.  I am a pessimist by nature, and it is hard for me to know what to write without complaining about the best things in my life: my husband, my son, and my (foster) daughter.  I don't want you to think I hate my family, I adore them, but if/when I use my blog to vent about them, I am not being a respectful wife and mother.
  • I don't like pictures of my son's face on public pages of the internet.  So sometimes something fun and adorable happens, but since a picture is worth a thousand words, and I don't want to share the picture, I don't write the words.
  • Many, many of my opinions are controversial.  While I won't publish any comments that I find insulting to me or my religion, in order to monitor them, I first have to read them.  I am NOT sure I am ready to put on my big girl pants when I write about things that people will vehemently disagree with me on, and then call me ugly and stupid.  Sometimes on other people's websites I will voice my opinion.  People don't like it.  And that is okay, but I am not tough enough to take it in large doses.
  • I am not an expert.  I have great ideas on parenting, but I also don't follow through on many of  the things I start doing.  Chores are great, but chore charts last like two weeks tops.  Behavior charts are the same. I have great ideas on housekeeping as well.  But those grand plans usually only last until the weekend when Michael is home and playing World of Tanks most of the day and I don't feel its "fair" for me to have to work while he plays.  I know, life isn't fair, I have told numerous kids that fact countless times, and yet my own sense of fairness comes and bites me on the butt every weekend.  It also kills my diet plans.  I am an expert at making excuses.
  • It is kind of disappointing to spend an hour writing a blog post, and editing pictures for it, and putting it on link-ups, and then have no one comment on it.  Writing is kind of therapeutic, but if I wanted to write just for myself, I would get a journal!
So, there you have it, the six reasons I use to justify having a blog entirely full of reviews.  I am going to try to have more personal stories.  More unsponsored content.  More real life.


  1. I totally understand so many of these things! Particularly the picture part. I just don't like posting face pics of my kids. It makes me very uncomfortable so I usually do a side profile. I get scared writing about controversial stuff too.


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